Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to Enhance Performance in the Modern Workplace


The modern corporate world has significantly evolved to accommodate the numerous changes that have emerged over the years. The level of innovation in the business environment influences the nature of decisions company managers can make when developing solutions in the workplace. Different technological outcomes such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have become critical tools of innovation that enable corporations to accomplish their desired objectives within the desired timeline. Predictions are vital to data analysis because of their ability to project-specific outcomes where business managers can align their vision towards the recommended approaches. Although IoT has become a popular tool in the corporate world, individuals should focus on understanding the different aspects of the technological concept.

Definition of Terms

IoT Cloud Platform

This system enables physical objects to communicate, interact, and develop smart solutions without any human involvement. IoT relies heavily on cloud platforms to create intelligent solutions that respond to different workplace prompts and beyond.

Edge Computing

This is a paradigm that allows users to access a responsive outcome that reduces latency because of its proximity to the data source.

Narrowband IoT

This is a radio concept that enables users to access a vast range of mobile devices and related services due to their low power usage.

IoT Protocol

This is a conduit that facilitates the exchange of data in a way that can be decoded by the receiving device through extraction to develop meaningful outcomes.

The Significance of IoT

The Internet of Things presents an opportunity for corporations and other stakeholders to collect data, analyze it, and make informed decisions that address real-time problems. On many occasions, corporations encounter issues that affect their productivity and ability to grow in the business environment (Elhoseny, Ramírez-González, Abu-Elnasr, Shawkat, Arunkumar, & Farouk, 2018). Widening the scope of accessing data is essential to different processes in the corporate world because of the need to overcome issues that determine productivity and overall performance. Besides, many organizations are now investing in data analysis to overcome the mistakes that influence outcomes in the corporate world (Wang, Chaudhry, & Li, 2016). Although making decisions is considered an executive activity, involving employees and other stakeholders in the business environment is essential to corporations’ ability to accomplish their desired goals and objectives. Notably, company managers can now monitor employees’ performance in real-time and enhance the efficiency of processes that involve human input in the work environment (Jagadesh, Saravanan, Narayanan, & Logeshwaran, 2019). From this perspective, exploring this topic presents a deep understanding of the numerous elements of IoT. It provides a guideline that can be used by company managers to promote awareness on the application of different IoT applications.

Previous Approaches

In the 19th century, different machines used to enhance interactions between individuals relied on direct communications to accomplish their desired goals and objectives. From the first telegraph to the premier radio device, the Internet of Things is founded on the need to overcome various challenges affecting the quality of communication in contemporary society. The internet began as a component of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), before evolving to ARPANET, which supported commercial functions (Fidler, 2019). Before introducing the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), people relied heavily on maps and landmarks, which facilitated their movements. Ever since the Department of Defense created an ecosystem supported by more than twenty satellites, private and commercial corporations embarked on a journey to create a responsive solution that addressed a real-time problem. Thus, understanding the changing needs of individuals is critical to the realization of different opportunities discovered in the contemporary world.

Unlike today, the medieval world developed technical tools that highlighted the need to accomplish specific functions. For instance, the telegraph allowed individuals to send messages to recipients without performing other tasks. The unavailability of a standard interface that would send information to multiple devices created an opportunity for modern developers to develop a concept that enhanced workplace outcomes. From this realization, understanding the different approaches that could be used to create viable solutions that responded to real-time problems was essential to establishing a framework that provided individuals with a wide range of options (Boyte, 2017). The coordination of different functions and the ability to group them based on their performance created the IoT ecosystem, which is feasible to the modern world. Relying on traditional solutions hindered growth and development that is witnessed today because of the ability of innovators to create viable solutions that respond to different threats affecting productivity in the work environment and beyond.

Before the invention of IoT, the human population was exposed to a series of problems that affected its ability to make informed decisions. During this time, a lot that is achieved within a short duration today took long to accomplish. However, during a presentation, when Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things, it would take ten years for the world to acknowledge its role in making work more accessible. In 2012, the world began using the term “Internet of Things” in their presentations to highlight the significance of developing numerous viable solutions that responded to real-time problems (Tiwari, Sharma, Kaushik, Tiwari, & Bhushan, 2019). At this time, the internet had already taken off to accommodate different aspects of interactions that sought to create opportunities for innovators to push their agenda. Understanding the concept requires corporations to identify various devices that could communicate and exchange tons of information that could yield positive outcomes. Even though the desire to eliminate human intervention from the devices has proved difficult, recent advancements demonstrate humanity’s evolution to a device-controlled society.

New Findings

Implementing an IoT ecosystem requires company managers to identify compatible devices, user interface, and central control hardware that responds to different commands initiated by individuals.

Fig 1.0 A graphical representation of IoT’s main components

Data processing and smooth connectivity create an opportunity for company managers and other stakeholders to analyzed collected information before using them to create meaningful insights that respond to emerging issues in the workplace. By following the path initiated by the internet, IoT intends to improve connectivity by increasing the number of connections to multiple devices. Creating an ecosystem independent of human interventions requires the installation of various methods, which respond to prompts by creating viable solutions that meet people’s expectations (Cano, Berrios, Garcia, & Toh, 2018). At home, automation can enhance the experience enjoyed by individuals through their interaction with different devices at their disposal. However, the impact of IoT would be significant on an industrial scale because of its ability to cut down costs and enhance the quality of output generated in the workplace. Discovering the pitfalls that can be avoided at any given time is essential to finding an ultimate solution that complements the organization’s ability to accomplish its desired outcomes.

Fig 2.0 A simplistic representation of how the Internet of Things works.

Sensors and devices collect information from the source before storing them on a cloud platform. Importantly, the data collection process occurs in a highly responsive manner that enables the user to retrieve accurate information, enhancing their decision-making process. Storing the collected data in a cloud infrastructure initiates the next element of IoT, which determines the nature of outcomes that can be recorded at any given time due to connectivity (Ayoade, El-Ghamry, Karande, Khan, Alrahmawy, & Rashad, 2019). Data processing is based on the device’s ability to rely on the collected information before sending it to the user interface. Even though the process might seem easy, there is a need to recognize the approaches that can be used to overcome different issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment.

Fig 3.0 A graphical representation, demonstrating data processing.


Although IoT has become a popular tool in the corporate world, individuals should focus on understanding the different aspects associated with the technological concept. Over the years, technological advancements are now focused on eradicating human intervention and increasing their reliance on machine learning. Various devices can interact with multiple sensors to respond to an issue affecting individuals in their surroundings. From this realization, the ability to make informed decisions is defined by the approaches used to create viable solutions, which enhance the quality of life in the world today. Addressing topical issues in the work environment and beyond is a necessary process that requires individuals to engage in continuous research activities to understand the changing needs of different population groups in the community.




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