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Electrical Engineering Essay: The Emergence of Skyscrapers

The emergence of skyscrapers due to the development of elevator systems.

Executive Summary

The essay examines the emergence of rising skyscrapers as a result of the development of elevator systems. The advancement in elevator system technology has been a fundamental aspect of the capacity to solve height restrictions leading to the development of skyscrapers. The access to upper floor space has been the key limitation in the development of high-rising buildings. The advancement of elevator systems that can increase the travel distance, speed, and movement of cabs is a major aspect of skyscraper development. Further, the essay examines the future of skyscrapers with the development of more efficient, effective, and safer elevator systems leading to the elimination of height restrictions. Thus, the two technologies go hand in hand encouraging the development of each other.


The thesis statement focuses on the emergence of skyscrapers due to the development of elevator systems. The skyscraper architecture and elevator technology exhibit a symbiotic relationship over the years of their co-existence. That is, the improvements of one encourage further developments and innovativeness of the other. The improvements in elevator technology encourages the development of high-rising skyscrapers. The two co-exist simultaneously that one depends and influences the other to develop. The human factor plays a fundamental role in the development of skyscrapers in the realizations of technological advancements that make access to top floors possible. This implies that the height of skyscrapers is limited by the ability to access the upper floors in a convenient manner, time-effective, and safety of users to utilize the ever-rising and opening spaces in the skies. Thus, prompt the emergence of elevator technologies to facilitate the top floors of the skyscrapers in a convenient, time-efficient, and safe ways.

Elevator Systems as a Major Factor of Skyscraper Development

The desire to meet the continuously growing needs in skyscraper development, elevator systems play a fundamental role in making the upper floor space access (Nichols 2018). The human capacity to access these spaces is critical to the development of architectural technology. Thus, elevators are essential in three significant aspects.

Travel Distance. The technological advancements of elevator systems ascertain the continuity of skyscraper rising heights. The travel distance is limited by the materials used to support the system. For example, the use of conventional cables can support only a few hundred meters as a result of the enormous weight on the system. This has a direct impact on the limit of the height of skyscraper development. The development of KONE UtraRope technology has been a major transformation of the elevator system travel distance due to its capacity to reduce the cable weight and friction (Al-Kodmany 2015). The use of KONE UltraRope is designed to decrease the area utilized by the elevator shafts by fitting them with slimmer cables. The technology has made it possible for more tenants to access upper floors with ease and increased efficiency.

High-Speed. High-speeds on the elevator systems have been a major challenge in skyscraper development due to enormous danger it poses. The elevator system high-speed risks accelerate tear and wear leading to elevators blasting off. The development of technology that makes it easier, faster, and safer for occupants to access uppermost floors is a profound impact on the development of skyscrapers. Technologies such as the Mitsubishi Electric designed elevators have made records for having a speed of approximately 46 miles per hour (Roberts 1998). The facilitation of elevator speed is essential to determine how they impact the human passengers using the elevators must consider their capacity to make them sick or nauseated. This is a result of pressurized cabs, air conditioning, and reduced travel vibration that determine the speed of the elevator systems.

Traffic. The capacity to allow multiple elevator cabs to make alternate operations in a common elevator shaft is a critical aspect of consideration. The technology to allow height-adjusting double-deck elevators is vital to the realization of increased heights skyscrapers. The development of newer technologies is vital to increase the safety and efficiency in the movement of elevator shafts in a skyscraper.

Future of Skyscrapers. The advancement of elevator system technology is key to the development of high-rising skyscrapers. The limit in heights can be resolved by having rope-free systems that allow the elevator cabs to move in linear motor technology. The inexistence of ropes presents a technology which is designed to move only the weight of car and converse vast energy that increases friction (So et al., 2014). As well, technology can be vital to eliminate height restrictions through increased architectural freedom in the development of shafts and how they crisscross each other.


In conclusion, the development of better elevator systems is key to the realization of increased travel distance, speed, and efficiency of the movement of people. The capacity to have multiple cabs operate in one elevator shaft is key to easing the traffic flow. The development of skyscrapers has been limited by the capacity to access the top floor spaces. Thus, with technological capacity of making upper floors accessible it limits the height restrictions. Therefore, in the future of making elevator systems more efficient and easier to access the upper floors, skyscrapers are bound to continue rising to the skies.

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