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Effects of Predictable and Unpredictable Environments | Paper Help

Failures in project management are largely attributed to poor planning, mismanagement of resources, and unsupportive leadership. In this regard, project managers are encouraged to create an enabling environment that identifies different risks, which affect the overall progress of an ongoing project. Importantly, project managers are responsible for creating a predictable environment by utilizing their wealth of experience and skills to streamline operations and eliminate hindrances that slow down the overall progress. However, when managers fail to avail the much-needed support, they expose stakeholders to an unpredictable environment where the certainty of executing the project and realizing the desired goals becomes limited. In this case, the construction upgrades of the Jackson County library system will improve the education quality by enhancing the ease of acquiring information in the region. Some of the risks identified in the project include time, money, and scope. From this realization, the lead project manager should develop measures to overcome the undesired effects resulting from the highlighted risks and create a predictable environment that will guarantee the completion of the Jackson County library system.

Predictable Environment

Predictable environments have a significant impact on the completion and overall execution of ongoing projects. In this regard, the constructions upgrades project was guided by the need to adhere to the slated project management plan and align various processes with the specific management principles that dictate outcomes in the workplace. Project managers encounter various challenges that slow down their progress and ability to accomplish anticipated milestones (Daniel & Daniel, 2018). In this case, managers are expected to formulate viable strategies that respond to the emerging issues and create a solid plan that demonstrates the approaches people can use during a crisis. In the same vein, project management implementation variations require leaders to seek business support for different processes in the ongoing project. For this reason, understanding the importance of pressuring project managers to develop responsive plans that address any unexpected outcomes in the business environment and beyond.

Some of the strategies used during the project planning process for the construction upgrades include defining success criteria and ensuring that every stakeholder was aware of the different requirements necessary for accomplishing the stated targets. In the same vein, members emphasized the importance of teamwork and being accountable to realizing desired goals and objectives. However, the lead project manager was expected to be accountable for the outcomes recorded in the group to maintain a certain level of consistency that inspired other stakeholders during the execution of various processes. Notably, forecasting for predictability was one of the primary strategies adopted by the firm to identify the potential threats that could undermine the overall progress made by the firm. By so doing, embracing meeting and communication practices allowed the organization to overcome different hurdles that influenced the outcomes realized during the project execution.

Unpredictable Environment

Overseeing complex projects can be a difficult task because of the inability of project managers to manage people’s beliefs and expectations. In many instances, managing projects during the conceptualization phase blind individuals from identifying the various bottlenecks that interfere with the implementation stage. However, project managers can challenge stakeholder perspectives and identify different ground rules that influence the project’s success (De Rooij, Janowicz-Panjaitan, & Mannak, 2019). Importantly, stakeholders play an important role that contributes to the realization of desired goals and objectives. From this observation, project managers can create an enabling environment that accommodates different views regarding the best approaches that should be used to achieve expected milestones.

During the conceptualization of the Jackson County construction processes, roles were distributed according to a professional’s strong attributes. Afterward, the lead project manager established meaningful relations with various stakeholders to create a context where opinions and views would be shared freely. In the same vein, reviewing the best practices presented an opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed approaches used to execute different processes in the workplace. However, understanding the different causes of change during the implementation stage is an important aspect that enabled the group to address the unpredictable environment and other underlying issues affecting the success of the proposed library systems project. Hence, enhancing the risk management process is one of the most viable strategies firms can use to overcome the challenges triggered by dynamism in the contemporary business environment.

Project managers should develop measures to overcome the undesired effects resulting from the highlighted risks and create a predictable environment that will guarantee the completion of the Jackson County library system. Predictable and unpredictable environments influence the success of a project because of their towering influence over the decision-making process and the accomplishment of desired milestones during the execution of various activities. In this regard, we used various strategies to address the issues caused by the predictable and unpredictable environment that emerged during the expansion of the three libraries. Some of the adopted measures included challenging stakeholder perspectives, defining success criteria, and being accountable to the project deliverables. From this perspective, the construction activities and other processes executed during the implementation process will expose the project to a context where it can meet its anticipated results.

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