Effects of New Media on Various Audience

Effects of New Media on Various Audiences

The new media has increased interaction between individuals all over the world. New media has allowed individuals to express themselves through videos, blogs, websites, and social media platforms (Flew, 2007). New media technologies have had major impacts on society as a whole. The integration of new media in the social settings within the society has influenced various audience’s behaviors, attitudes, and responses. New media is being used by people to engage in political causes, participate in terrorism recruitment, and social movements by sharing news stories.

Due to the broad reach, affordability, and convenience of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, terrorist individuals and groups have increasingly relied on social media to reach their objectives, recruit more members, and spread their messages (Hossain, 2015). Considerably, the terrorist groups have taken to social media due to the quick access, affordability, and reach to many people. Social media has enabled them to easily engage with their networks, thus able to send their messages to the intended audience and interact in real-time.

New media has changed people’s behaviors and attitudes in the first few months of 2020 due to the news reports and information being offered about Covid-19. The information has been speedily published and shared with social networking sites and social media platforms. Social media has influenced the spread of anxiety and panic, which has affected people’s mental health (Gao et al., 2020). During the lockdown, people have shared information and received information through social media. The nature of social media has led to more panic among people of varying genders, levels of education, and age.

The new media has been an effective tool for social movement since it has increased individuals’ participation. For instance, social media has been an effective tool in mobilizing individuals to participate in social movement (Kidd & McIntosh, 2016). Social media has shown to be strategic in starting, organizing as well as communicating in social movements. New media has influenced the participation, attitude, and behavior of various audiences.



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