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Effective Communication Skills | Best Assignment Helper

Communication can be described as the art of sharing ideas, talking and listening from one person to the other or between an individual and a group. Communication can be delivered through many forms such as verbal or non-verbal cues where one can use gestures or talk to the other person thus communicating a message (Training 24). Several skills should be present for effective communication to take place because there are several barriers to effective communication such as culture, language, differing perspective, different experiences and expectations, and differing communication style. Communication is important in delivery of message in various fields as it facilitates co-ordination and enables smooth running of businesses. Communication involves various stages and every stage has the potential of communication barriers which hinder effective communication.

The communication stages include the source normally someone sending information, message, encoding and the channel of communication which ranges from letters, memos, newspaper, emails, phone calls, and social media. Decoding, receiver, feedback, and context are the other stages of communication. There are various elements of communication which include tone of voice which a person uses in communicating, usually involving emotions, and the emphasis that the person puts into the message (Training 35).

Body language which is a form of non-verbal communication sends messages in form of the subconscious use of body for example use of facial expressions, blushing or fidgeting. Verbal communication as the other element of communication is the face to face delivery of message which can be challenging because people interpret and perceive information differently (Training 38). Additionally, there are various styles of communication which people use to deliver their message such as assertive communication which tells another person what they ought to, less assertive style where the person communicating enquires on what should be done.



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