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Education and Visual Media Research Paper Help | Homework Help

The issue of the relationship between education and visual, media has been greatly addressed because there have been developments in the technological sector.  Many authors and scholars have written about this particular l issue, where they have expressed their views and opinions. The paper provides a rhetorical analysis of the two sources “Modified generated question learning, and its classroom implementation and assessment” (Horace, Maryam and John) and “Effect of visual media use on school performance: a prospective study” (Sharif, Wills and Sargent).

 Thematic Background

The two sources are closely related I that they explicate on the subject matter. (Horace, Maryam and John), is keen on using a comparative approach on the subject matter where he categorically explains on modified generated learning and methods of implementing teaching in class. Both authors use rhetorical techniques in addressing this particular issue. They both explicate on the issue of using visual media in the learning of students.  He is very descriptive in the articulation of his points where he tends to use more questions in his writing as a way of conducting a comprehensive analysis of the subject matter.  On the other hand (Sharif, Wills and Sargent 46) are not as descriptive as (Horace, Maryam and John), though  there is also the use of a descriptive techniques, where the author try to critically explore on  the matter, through noting down the critical points touching o the issue of  the  relationship between visual media and performance of the school. The two sources, hence are very descriptive and provide a comprehensive analysis of the subject matter, making it easier for a need to access the necessary information and the issue which can ultimately be used in conducting future studies. Descriptive technique is critical in that the subject matter gets to be comprehensively analyzed and discussed. This helps the reader to comprehend on the subject matter and also understand more about the issue of education and visual.

Rhetoric Analysis

Both articles are very closely related to the subject matter of visual media and education where they expound on the relationship between the two and how visual media has enhanced learning processes in schools. The authors of the two books offer solutions on the subject matter. The articles both have a similar rhetoric approach, where they tend to expound on the best measures. However, the analysis has different rhetorical approaches, where one is more on noting down the critical points of the subject matter, whereas the other is more descriptive and has a more comprehensive analysis. In conclusion, the two articles offer substantial recommendations which are of very good quality and can be sued in the future discussions of the subject matter or also can be applied by institutions to boost on the quality of education they offer to the students.

There is the use of a statistical approach by Sharif, Wills, and Sargent in proving various points with regards to the study. There was a study conducted for 24 months, where there was the use of a four-wave longitudinal telephone study involving 486 youths aged 10-14 years. From these studies, the results are statically noted down, to show how serious the study was and why the results and the recommenmdatiosn ought to be embraced by the readers. Statiscal approach si also very vital for this subect matter in that it evalyutes the data , which explicates on the matter comsprehsivily and assist in identifying the actual d inforamtion on the ground.

Sharif, Wills, and Sargent also explicate about the huge relationship there is between education and the visual media, which is a part of the shifting paradigm in the sector.  The authors expound on Modern technology, where they are categorical about its critical role in the creation of a good learning environment. From the source, the authors try to explain the possibilities of one-way communication such as the use of television shows, documentaries, music, and movies. The one-way communication is important enabled interactive learning like visualizations and student created content. This article by Sharif, Wills, and Sargent,  is therefore relevant to the course theme, in that it is centered on  the issue of the use of changing education sector, incorporation of modern technology and so expounds on the needs of using modern technology, more so visual media in enhancing the quality of education around the globe. Both articles incorporate the use of citations in expounding on the subject matter.  They constantly quote pats publications and articles to prove that past relating studies have also been conducted and offer similar sentiments as them with relation to the subject. Citations also assist in the emphasizing on the topic of study.

The debate brought forward by the two sources explicates on one common issue which is the quality of education provided to the students. They both have different insights on the growth of education, and each has the pros and cons associated with approaching education in a particular way. However, both use a thoughtful and convincing approach where they showcase the significant in that they give quality education a key focus, meaning that they are concerned about the knowledge and growth of students when undertaking different curriculums in schools.  The positions of the authors in the two sources show different positions by individuals, which give a platform for debating on the best methods that can be used in enhancing the quality of education and why teachers should settle on one method over the other. There is a need to care about how the writers from the two sources write about the two issues since the sources are critical in the research of the education system. They can be both used by scholars and experts in the future in determining the progress that has been in place mad also assist in deriving new methods of teaching different curriculums and consequently boosting the levels of education around the globe.

Conclusion and Directions

Upon reflection of my comparison of these two sources, it is very evident that both are very insightful and can be of great use by upcoming authors. One can borrow the accuracy and efficiency of both articles.  The articulation of points and the argumentative ways applied in the sources can be emulated since they are accurate and provide a well-laid description of the subject matter, a factor that can be emulated by future writers. However, one factor that should be avoided by writers in the future is the failure to take one side in an argument fully.

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