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Ecotourism: Anthropology Essay Paper | Best Assignment Helpers

Issue: Ecotourism                                                       Discipline: _________________


Selected Resource(s):
1.     Bakar, N. A. A., & Wall, G. (2018). Why Ecotourism Failed as an Alternative Livelihood in Marine Park: The importance of community’s involvement in park management. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal3(9), 77-86.

2.     Chong, C. W., Alkatheeri, A. H. S., Ali, N., Tay, Z. H., Lee, Y. L., Paramasivam, S. J., … & Lim, S. H. E. (2020). Association of antimicrobial resistance and gut microbiota composition in human and non-human primates at an urban ecotourism site. Gut Pathogens12(1), 1-12.

3.     Fletcher, R. (2019). Ecotourism after nature: Anthropocene tourism as a new capitalist “fix”. Journal of Sustainable Tourism27(4), 522-535.

4.     Robbins, R. E., Robbins, T. R., & Frailey, M. (2019). Campus-Based Ecotourism: A Case Study on the Power of Local Ecotourism. Great Plains Research29(2), 107-121.




 “Key points.”“Connection arguments.”
Communities must engage in ecotourism activities to uplift their economic status.









 According to the article, encouraged participation is community participation. The community participation should be encouraged at the top rungs that are considered as citizen power (Bakar & Wall, 2018). They include elements of delegated power, partnership, and citizen control. The fact that the highest level, which is the citizen control, is not measurable as the park analyzed by the research, the TSMP is a marine park administered by the government. If partnership and delegation are well implemented, the result could be the increased success of ecotourism in the marine park.


Among the consequences of consideration of the Anthropocene from a tourism perspective is the demand to seriously consider the impacts of the industries on the planetary system (Fletcher, 2019). As a result, there is a need to develop sustainable tourism.








The Anthropocene notion that in contemporary sustainable tourism through new products and processes within the industry. The move is facilitated by it its attempt to increase its operations and venture and move into new areas and generate new clients.


The study of the different species of microtropia composition identifies Enterococcus species as having the highest levels of resistance in all of their hosts.









The study of microtropia explains that the high levels of resistance experienced by the specie to vancomycin could not be explained and needed increased studies and investigations (Chong et al. 2020). It further explained that a parallel study done on the capuchin monkeys in Brazil failed to detect resistance in the enterococcus that was isolated. It, however, registered resistance to other antibiotics, including erythromycin, rifampicin, and tetracycline.


The articles elaborate on the importance of community gardens as generating essential areas for multicultural learning for the marginalized communities and individuals, and consequently could be used for the inspiration of environmental and social justice.








There is the fact that strong emotions are presented to relate to the community gardens with regarding their effectiveness. The emotions are based on interactions that individuals have with the gardens and are defined in relation to appreciation, power, mindfulness, beauty, and calmness (Robbins, Robbins & Frailey, 2019). The workers in the garden are responsible for sharing the experiences they generate collectively, and also share the lived experiences and become a part of their identification.



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