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Selected Resource(s):
1.     Isaacs, J. C. (2000). The limited potential of ecotourism to contribute to wildlife conservation. Wildlife society bulletin28(1), 61-69.

2.     Qian, J., Shen, H., & Law, R. (2018). Research in sustainable tourism: A longitudinal study of articles between 2008 and 2017. Sustainability10(3), 590.

3.     Ray, J. (2020). Education in ecotourism: Instructional strategies that can promote pro-environmental learning outcomes.

4.     Shasha, Z. T., Geng, Y., Sun, H. P., Musakwa, W., & Sun, L. (2020). Past, current, and future perspectives on eco-tourism: a bibliometric review between 2001 and 2018. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-15.


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1.     P. 61-69.

The article present that the ecotourism potential in enhancing wildlife conservancy is limited by the lack of capacity to ascertain long-term measures to mitigate environmental degradation.




The article introduces a negating point where most scholars have found value on ecotourism throughout its history in environment and wildlife conservancy. Therefore, the article outlines an interesting perspective towards the significance of ecotourism.


2.     P. 590.

The article emphasizes on the value of extensive research on sustainable tourism as a critical measure to maximize on the benefits of ecotourism.



The article analyses key points on the importance of vast research on sustainable tourism based on vital aspects including collaboration, knowledge base, impact, and thematic coverage of the full extent of ecotourism.



3.     P. 1.

The article promotes ecotourism as an environmentally sustainable industry that is critical for both ecological environment and local social benefits.



The article outlines measures to advance the benefits of ecotourism to both the local communities and ecological environmental protection. This is vital for long-term benefits of sustainable tourism.


4.     P. 1-15.

The article is concerned with the growing trends of climate change, over-tourism, solid wastes, and need for environmental awareness globally. These are in line with the ecotourism approach to enhance more awareness and critical approaches to perverse the natural resources.



The article emphasizes on the value of ecotourism in the contemporary world as the world continues to face enormous challenges in climate changes and over-tourism. Therefore, informed by historical lessons of ecotourism – it is intended to induce potential benefits for sustainable tourism.


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