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Question One

Nash equilibrium is a concept in game theory where different players in the market are aware of the moves each party can use to influence outcomes in the business environment. Even though one player changes their strategy, the equilibrium strategies and outcomes remain the same because of the common understanding that has been established between the two or more parties in the market (Ni, Chu, & Li, 2018). The concept allows market players to embrace random strategies that enable them to overcome different challenges in the business environment. Besides, Nash equilibrium allows corporations to predict market outcomes caused by pricing changes initiated by competitors in the business environment.

Question Two

A patient in need of an organ transplant is not entitled to receiving the specified organ because of the process of acquiring it. On many occasions, donors volunteer to dispose their organs to the recipients because of a monetary motivation of incentive that is defined by their relationship with the patient. From this realization, the recipient is always under the mercy of the donors and banks on their willingness to donate the organs that present minimal complications after the process is concluded. However, depending on the availability, a patient is entitled to information regarding the transplant process and its impact on their views towards life.

The rates of survival should be evaluated and measured because of its impact on the changing needs of individuals. At any given time, the recipients awaiting a transplant are always many than the available organs, compelling medical practitioners to conduct a series of tests to eliminate any discrimination that may occur during the entire process. In this regard, compatibility is an important aspect that should be considered and the chances of survival after the transplant. Likewise, the ability of patients to survive without the organ is also considered.




Ni, J., Chu, L. K., & Li, S. (2018). Financial hedging and competitive strategy for value-maximizing firms under quantity competition. Annals of Operations Research264(1-2), 391-407.

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