Ecological and Social Pedagogy Perspectives | College Homework Help

  1. Identify the micro, mezzo, and macro perspectives of the therapeutic issues in this case and the reasons for those perspectives. Describe your assessment from an ecological perspective and a social pedagogy perspective.

Several factors have led to Karen Campbell’s mental, psychological, and physical state, which have affected her relationship, environmental and various fears in her life. When determining her therapeutic issues, the micro perspective includes, her smallest levels of interaction, with either herself or her immediate close members, which is a part of the social pedagogy perspective. Her environment at home is also a part of the micro perspective since this is the immediate surrounding that could be impacting her therapeutic issue. The micro perspective hence entails analyzing the relationship between Karen and her children, her husband, parents, and others (The Fostering Network 2016). Issues may include the divorce of her parents and the suicide of her brothers, which have affected her mental well-being and ought to be addressed, in her therapeutic session.

From the mezzo perspective, the group interaction between Kate and her family, and family friends will be examined. This is a part of the social pedagogy perspective, which includes her norms when hanging out with the family, at her workplace, and in any other area of interaction (The Fostering Network 2016). This is to help comprehend her environment more and how she related with groups of people on a social level. For the mezzo and ecological perspective, her social structures, and institutions, will be examined, since they will help in understanding her better and looking for the most suitable solutions for her wellbeing.

From the macro-level perspective, Karen’s large-scale patterns will be examined. First, on a Social Pedagogy Perspectives will be her long-term behaviors which will need to be examined. The family background and how it may have affected her mental and emotional issues, will help in understanding her deeper and consequently help her get a sustainable solution (National Association of Social Workers 2003). From an ecological perspective, her environment when growing up, and its features are to be assessed to understand its long-term effects on her.

  1. Discuss the evidence-based interventions for a person with anxiety and drinking problem you would use to intervene for each area of concern. Use theories discussed thus far in this course to support your assessment and interventions.

For Karen Campbell’s case, it is apparent that she needs to undergo treatment, where effective treatment will help in lowering her anxiety and also create a higher tolerance of fear. Three evidence-based treatments can help in the management of her disorder and any other disorders that can help her manage her underlying conditions. The First evidence-based treatment that can help Karen is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is the type of treatment, which aims to discover a solution to her problem through changing the destructive behavioral pattern that may lead to her anxiety and any other condition (Thompson and Stepney 2017). The therapy will involve focusing on her beliefs, attitudes, thought, and images, where these issues will be evaluated to understand how she deals with her emotional issues.

A second treatment for Karen is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). This is the type of treatment that will encourage her to directly confront the things she faced. Such treatment will help her increase her exposure to the stimulus or the things which cause her anxiety. A final treatment that can help Karen is Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). This will combine cognitive therapy with meditative practices (National Association of Social Workers 2003). It will help her to manage to practice mindfulness. Since she struggles with anxiety, she likely has negative thoughts and experiences from her past, and as a result worry about her future, which leads to more anxiety and depression. Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy will therefore help her identify her mood patterns and thoughts and help to improve them.





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