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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are characterized as mental health illnesses that affect the overall perspectives of individuals towards life and other aspects of society. However, in many instances, the disorders end up misdiagnosed and undertreated, exposing individuals to a wide range of health problems that affect their thought processes and interactions with other people. More than one million people in Australia suffer from different eating disorders, with the number expected to rise (Galmiche, 2019). When people learn about their eating disorders, they tend to suppress the health issues due to guilt or shame associated with their behavior change.

Promoting awareness of the behavioral, psychological, and physical warning signs associated with eating disorders exposes individuals to a context where they can be diagnosed and exposed to adequate treatment that resolves their underlying issues. For instance, many people who struggle with eating disorders are concerned about their bodily appearances. Psalm 139: 14 says, β€œI will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (King James Version Bible, 2019, Psalm. 139:14). From this observation, affected individuals can seek help from Biblical insights and focus on other societal aspects because of the religious affirmations. Therefore, it becomes easier for individuals to identify eating disorders and seek medical intervention to regain their overall health.

Since individuals who learn about their eating disorders hide their underlying health issues, there is a need to promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of the mental illness. Significantly, eating disorders can be triggered by the lack of affirmations regarding their outward appearances, undermining their interactions with other people. In this regard, affected people can embrace teachings from the Bible and other religious materials that affirm their overall beauty and outward appearances. Hence, understanding the changing needs of individuals is an essential element that contributes to the realization of desired outcomes in the community.

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