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On many occasions, individuals question the impact of various medical procedures that are administered to the sickly because of the possible side effects that affect the outcomes of events in the modern world. Going by the unaccounted incidents where people experience side effects after consuming certain drugs, there is a need for the population to understand the approaches used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture their selected medicine. Individuals are exposed to different environments that influence their focus on life. Given the nature of outcomes that are recorded in the world today, corporations should focus on developing medicinal drugs that have few side effects. Rising cases of addiction from consuming drugs administered in healthcare facilities have been reported in the U.S. and beyond. From this realization, reviewing the process of drug design and development enables the population to understand the possible approaches that can be embraced in the world today.

Factors that Cause Pharmacy Drug Addiction

Over the years, concerns have emerged regarding the nature of prescriptions issued by medical practitioners in the world today. Based on the inability to contain their medical situations, medical doctors focus on a wide range of aspects that affect the perspectives of patients towards life. Importantly, the role of medical professionals in pharmacy drug addiction has become a topical issue because of the possibility of aiding and abating those involved in the drug syndicate (Mohs & Greig, 2017). Many people who abuse prescription drugs succumb to addiction, an aspect that relinquishes their power to the medical tablets and syrups. In extreme situations, patients cannot function without partaking the drugs, an element that compels doctors to prescribe dosages based on the apparent problem. For this reason, patients should be exposed under the care of an adult who can make informed decisions and ensure that misuse and abuse of the prescribed drugs do not take place.

Prescription drug abuse is defined by the tendency of an individual to consume drugs differently than the prescribing medical professional intended that. While many drugs may not produce adverse outcomes, individuals are discouraged against drug abuse because of the effect of certain strong medicines. Just like any other form of addiction, it starts with consuming painkillers after one believes they have a headache. Painkillers are some of the highly abused drugs because of their availability that limits pharmacists from issuing control over their distribution (Look, Kile, Morgan, & Roberts, 2019). Given its problematic impact, prescription drugs affect the normal functioning of individuals and hinder them from accomplishing their desired objectives. Although the world is fast moving to other attributes that limit its growth and development, pharmaceutical organizations should inform the public about the approaches that can be used to overcome the challenge.

Effects of Drug Design and Development

Drug discovery and development focuses on identifying new medical solutions that can be used to solve an existing health problem. In this case, research is conducted to determine the cause of the medical problem and accumulate information regarding its extent and effect on the body. Notably, drug design relies heavily on computer models to develop a viable solution that appeals to the changing needs of individuals (Bratberg, 2019). By exposing individuals to an enabling environment where they can overcome medical problems, it becomes easier to control the spread of certain illnesses by controlling their effects on individuals. Importantly, pharmaceutical corporations can address the issues that lead to addiction in this stage of drug design to control the perspectives of individuals towards the medical issue. Therefore, monitoring the processes used in drug design and development can identify various aspects that can be pursued by pharmaceutical corporations to overcome problems attributed to the design of a particular drug.

Many people have a limited understanding of the mechanism of action of various prescription drugs. The desire to misuse these drugs is inspired by a growing need among individuals to solve problems without engaging a medical professional. The body responds to any different aspect because of the need to protect its functionality. By optimizing the strength of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical corporations will have resolved the element of addiction that arises when individuals realize they can consume drugs and get away with them quickly. Importantly, optimizing safety can be achieved through the minimization of side effects that affect the perspectives of individuals towards medical procedures. Understanding people’s needs require the corporations to create awareness regarding the effectiveness of prescription drugs when consumed in specified amounts. By issuing warnings to individuals regarding the consequences that will arise after exceeding the limit, pharmaceutical corporations will restore sanity in the health sector.

Preventing Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

Patients, medical practitioners, and healthcare providers have a collective role they should play in detecting and preventing pharmaceutical drug abuse. However, the weight of this responsibility lies with healthcare providers who should work closely with the other parties to identify any evidence leading to a possible drug abuse case. Upon detection, healthcare providers should utilize their resources to contain the affected people and expose them to an environment where they can take charge of their lives and limit the extent of prescription drug abuse (Palombi, Vargo, Bennett, Hendler, Coughlin, Winter, & LaRue, 2017). Importantly, the care providers can enable the patient to understand the impact of drug abuse and devise tactics they can use to overcome the problem. Lastly, setting goals that define the process of recovery is an essential step in preventing drug abuse among patients.

Painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants are the commonly misused prescription drugs that contribute to the high rates of drug abuse in the U.S. and beyond. When individuals are exposed to an enabling environment where they are not held to account for their actions, freedom motivates them to engage in drug abuse. Just like healthcare providers, individuals have a role to play in preventing drug abuse by discussing the dangers associated with their irresponsible acts, talking about the rules they should observe, and disposing of drugs after use. From this realization, overcoming the problems related to drug abuse and misuse are connected to the unavailability of systems that compel individuals to engage in widespread drug abuse across the world.


Reviewing the process of drug design and development enables the population to understand the possible approaches that can be embraced in the world today. Drug design and development influence the adverse outcomes associated with drug consumption because of their effects on individuals. Considering the approaches that should be taken in the world today, discussing various issues, which hinder the interaction of patients with medical practitioners, pharmaceutical corporations should focus on the changing needs of the public. Addressing the side effects associated with drug consumption is an aspect that should be handled by these corporations to lower the high cases of drug addiction recorded around the globe.

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