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Dream Career

  • My dream career is to become a federal agent.
  • My main reason for choosing this career is helping others by keeping the community safe from criminal elements in society.
  • My professional goals in becoming a federal agent stem from my fascination with understanding criminals by majoring in criminal justice. By understanding what psychologically compels them to engage in criminal activities, we can stop crime before it happens by eliminating the core problem.

Career Development

  • My career development will hinge on the Drug Enforcement Agency tasked with the mandate of contributing to national security by ensuring that illegal substances such as Cocaine never cross the border (Sampathkumar, 2019). Drugs have been a menace to the youth and society by way of the number of deaths it has caused, either directly or indirectly, inflicting the citizens’ suffering.
  • My bilingual capabilities that are English and Spanish will be my selling points, as most of the affected are well-versed in any of two languages.

Qualifications and Experience

  • My childhood has been a determinant in my choice of a dream career. I experienced the dangers of drugs in a peaceful community where the acceleration of the moral code’s destruction is made possible by corruption.
  • With this experience, I will uphold the integrity of the job in serving the citizens while also riding the department of corrupt officials.
  • The path to becoming a good agent starts with an impressive GPA in my major and psychology as the minor as it requires both mental and physical strength.
  • The epitome of my career will be to become a station chief, where I will influence change in terms of policies and regulations.

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