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Diversity entails the concept that every individual is different with unique characteristics.  It entails the recognition of the individual differences in a respectful way. The key elements that could establish the differences associated with diversity include race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, physical abilities and political ideologies. Diversity entails the ability to coexist in the same space with individuals possessing these differences in a respectful way while acknowledging and appreciating the variations.

Importance of Diversity

Various advantages are associated with diversity. Among the important ones entails the increase in production. Characteristics of diversification include that it unites individuals with different backgrounds and experiences in life. By this unification, individuals can generate ideas and perspectives from other cultures. Without the diversification, the identified ideologies and perspectives may fail to be considered. The difference in perspectives and ideologies facilitates production as in the process of dealing with issues, individuals have multiple ways through which they could interpret them (Sartin et al., 2018). It facilitates the adoption of multiple approaches to a subject, consequently facilitating increased levels of success.

Diversity is also essential as it promotes the adoption of different perspectives on issues. Through the exposure to various experiences of different individuals, there is the possibility of gaining insight on different life experience other than what an individual is accustomed to. Through the comparison of values, struggles, priorities, individuals can reevaluate their behavior and actions. It is responsible for the generation of a change in mindset and reevaluation of priorities. Individual use diversity to gain different perspectives responsible for the improvement of livelihood. Diversity is also essential in facilitating the growth of acceptance and overcoming discrimination. Through the promotion of verity, there is the enhancement of tolerance and acceptance. The growing constant facilitated by the divarication facilities exposure to individuals and cultures. It also facilitates the improvement of communication with individuals with unique characteristics (Sartin et al., 2018). People who were initially perceived as different may eventually realize that they possess more common characteristics compared to the differences. In some case, the individual could also realize that they are significantly different, but even with the difference, there is still efficient collaboration.

Increased diversification also facilitates the aspect of enriching life experience. Within a diversified community, the different individuals have varying life experiences, expectations and priorities.  The difference provided by diversity facilitates the generation of different views and ideas from the surrounding.  It facilitates the generation of inspiration and stimulates individuals to engage in more diverse activities.

Diversity in U.S Army

In the United States army, diversification is defined as the different attributes, backgrounds and experiences held by the soldiers, their family members and civilians that ultimately contribute to the global capacities and an adaptive culturally incisive army. The army has a diversification mission to facilitate its development efficiency. The mission statement of the army suggests that operations of the army are mainly focused on development and implementation of strategies that immensely contribute and elaborate the readiness of the mission while facilitating the transformation and sustainability of the Amy as a leader of diversity nationally. Through its diversification vision, the army of the United States focuses on being a national leader in consideration to acceptance and implementation of the utility of the strengths of different individuals through the provision of an inclusive environment.  The implementation of the vision is through the investment in talent management, valuing individuals and the development of soldiers and civilians who are culturally astute. The diversification is expected to facilitate the existence of communities that facilitate and enhance human aspects of leadership and global engagement.

Benefits of Diversity Of U.S Army

Diversity in the United States army presents various benefits to the individual members.  Among the benefits encountered include providing increased opportunity for the army to achieve facilitation of better understanding of the increasing diversification within the country. It facilitates attraction of the best talents in the United States for filling vacant and available ranks of civilians and soldiers at various capacities.

Diversification is also important as it creates a feeling that the individuals are being valued. The diversification, as evident in the army of the United States, brings about the fact that the army appreciates individuals from different backgrounds, diversification, embracement and orientations.  The increased diversification and sense of appreciation of the varied populace results in the enthusiasm of the personnel who feel valued to generate the spur to serve at higher ranks. The individual also gets the inspiration of the personnel to remain at the ranks.

The diversification of education and training provided in the army has the capacity of channeling and encouraging leaders to create inclusive environments for the civilians. Additionally, the soldiers and families can increase their ability to develop through their ranks and operations (Carter, Dudley, Lyle, & Smith, 2016). It further increases the ability for the development and promotions for the individuals who join the different ranks of the armed forces. It also fosters the integration of the individuals with reference to their talents into the accomplishment of the mission.

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