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Diversity at PepsiCo | Video Case Study Assignment Help

Why is it important for upper-level managers at PepsiCo to receive diversity and inclusion training?

Diversity is a vital factor for renowned corporations, such as Pepsi Corporation, whose target market bears no restrictions. Upper-level administrators must obtain diversity and inclusion training as it initiates significant advancements vital in a company’s daily operations. Foremost, PepsiCo trusts that presenting their personnel with a chance to express themselves without bias is crucial for the company. Second, this offers an element of role model leadership, and the inclusion of upper-level administration to the frontiers gives personnel a sense of worth within the firm. This likewise presents the corporation with an enhanced business strategy as it makes use of the personnel’s immense diversity for product development and marketing.

Do you think that PepsiCo’s encouragement of employee networks actually works against diversity and the formation of multicultural teams? Why or why not?

Personnel networks at PepsiCo embrace diversity in a broader sense; nonetheless, the networks segregate specific facets of diversity to unify them as one resourceful team. By targeting and uniting these particular groups, the corporation is eradicating multicultural groups within the grid to develop support and a sense of inclusion in, particularly marginalized groups. The fundamental aim of this approach involves leveraging the marginalized groups’ insights in advancing the company’s objectives. Moreover, by unifying individuals with comparable aspects, the corporation is underlining its value of multicultural teams. The corporation takes advantage of the diverse workforce it developed in an attempt to promote the products.

Does the organization you work for or have worked for offer diversity-awareness training and education? What has been your experience if you participated?

Developing diversity and inclusion training programs is a good method of addressing biases and predispositions in a workstation. The best method of ensuring that diversity training is successful is to tailor it to the company’s needs. In the previous organization, diversity awareness training was offered and was based on a foundational understanding of the company’s unique diversity and inclusion goals and problems. The training had a positive impact on personnel that was considered to be unsupportive in the workstation. By participating in the training, I acknowledged my racial biases and identified the works of other peers originating from marginalized groups.

Identify and explain obstacles that exist or have been removed from your work regarding diversity and inclusion.

In this case, the company sought a diverse workforce and therefore faced assimilation challenges into the majority group and salary equity. Another obstacle pertaining to diversity and inclusion is homophily. In most cases, individuals tend to associate with individuals originating from the same group. As a result, preferential group settings are created. Another obstacle involves being resistant to change as diversity significantly affects organization norms by developing the requisite for flexibility and evolution towards a wide-ranging culture.

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