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Discussion Assignment Question 1 | Homework Help Online

The primary step to guaranteeing that the current servers and other installed servers will bear this base configuration is planning out the deployment. This can be achieved by assessing which form of Windows Server 2016 is best suited for the novel deployment. Windows Server 2016 consists of two versions. This includes a base version with a graphical user interface and a core edition administered only through command lets or cmdlets. According to Microsoft (2017), the core version is considered to be quicker. This is because it utilizes low space compared to the graphical user interface version that may need a lot of space because of the graphical user interface.

The second phase involves determining which features and roles that need to be installed in every server. For instance, one server may have print management, file management, and third-party licensing software. On the other hand, one may install Nano servers, hyper V, and storage replicas for easy management and keeping the separate (Microsoft, 2016).  The other step involves determining how the servers can be deployed after proper configuration. In this case, this phase is undoubtedly significant, mainly when dealing with live deployed servers.  For instance, if the server hosting the file and print services is pulled down while in operation, it may result in numerous challenges.  To guarantee that the system is spontaneously reconfigured when the settings are altered, it will involve pulling down the servers and making the crucial alterations when no users are on the network.

Regarding the users and groups, only an IT specialist with administrative credentials would be granted accessibility to the servers. This is considered as an instance of the principle of less privilege. Regular users may not require access to the servers. For the vital servers, Network Administrators are the only granted access as they assist other staff members that may not access the critical servers. Regarding diagnostics and malware, the entire company’s ideal software would be a McAfee Total protection software. For the disposition of malware and diagnostic software to numerous computers, the Group policy can be used to allocate program distribution.  As a result, a package may be dispensed to the Group policy to administer the software distribution.  Consequently, the packages may be issued to the Group Policy Object, whereby once it is deployed to every computer, the software package will be mounted when the machines are powered.

Discussion Question 2

The Windows PowerShell Get module contains numerous commands that may be applicable in Windows Server 2016. The PowerShell Get component lets users update, mount, and circulate PowerShell elements (Microsoft, 2017). Numerous cmdlets may be accessible through the PowerShell component. For instance, Get-Command lets to obtain every command available on a computer. The Get-Command cmdlet can retrieve data from cmdlets, pseudonyms, functions, filters, scripts, and software applications (Barreto, 2015). Get-Command contains uncompelled restrictions that let the users narrow search outcomes. When integrating the Get-Command, it can repossess every PowerShell and non-PowerShell command by utilizing the wildcard.

Windows Server 2016 may recover files that contain server data by executing the Get-Command cmdlet. Retrieval of files through Get-Command may assist in the processing of information files stored on the server. Get-Commands can likewise be utilized to recover all examples of parameters. This command may be implemented through the addition of the “All” parameter to every Get-Command command. Recovering every instance of the christened parameter assist in finding identical items. Obtaining every parameter with a similar tag helps network administrators locate the surplus or obsolete files.

The Windows command prompt may also execute the same duties as the PowerShell Get component. The command syntax may not seem forthright. Finding the computer files on the localhost using a command prompt necessitates numerous codes to be run. Moreover, locating documents using command prompts needs navigation to the root index of the document location. Integrating the “dir” command with a wildcard recovers the location of the file.

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