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Discussion Post Reponses Essay | Do My Paper

The post has made an interesting point about intellectual property theft which entails stealing inventions, ideas, and creative expressions. Intellectual property can be both creative and commercial innovation that can be taken, knowingly used, and stolen (Upcounsel, 2020). An example of someone else using another person’s logo and claiming to be theirs has clearly explained intellectual property theft. I agree with the view that intellectual property theft can pose a threat to Padgett- Beale’s, which makes it necessary for them to protect themselves from internal and external.

Educating employees about intellectual property theft would be an effective way of preventing the loss of confidential information to outsiders, thus protecting their intellectual property. I respectfully agree with the option of a Non-disclosure agreement to assure protection of intellectual property through understanding all employer’s expectations and policies. Perhaps we might consider the logic employed in this post regarding the best practices that the company should implement to respond to the growing problem of intellectual property theft. Unfortunately, the post has only offered two rather than five best practices to address intellectual property theft.

Response Two

Intellectual property entails creative things such as logos, artwork, inventions, and music and can be stolen and used by another person (Upcounsel, 2020). I strongly agree with the post that intellectual property has been a lucrative business for cybercriminals. The principle of least privilege entails the user been given the minimum levels of permission or access required to perform their job functions. This is an effective way of protecting intellectual property since it only allows enough access to carry out the required job.  Although separation of duties is challenging and costly to achieve, it prevents individuals from having many privileges that may misuse the system.

The limited access and privileges to the system administrator, thus preventing leakage of intellectual property and sensitive information. Data classification and marking system is also an effective way of ensuring that business data is protected. For instance, it allows an organization to acquire more value from other security systems such as document management, encryption, event management, security information, and email gateway systems. I definitely agree with the three practices recommended to address intellectual property theft. However, the post has only offered three rather than five practices that will eliminate intellectual property theft.

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