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Direct and Representative Democracy Essay | Best Paper Writers

Direct Democracy

            Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy that allows the people to determine all the laws and policies imposed by governments. Therefore, all decisions are voted for by citizens.


There is full government transparency. Significant issues are publicly held. Furthermore, any success or failure of society can be attributed to – or to blame – the citizens, not the government. In addition, the government is more accountable. By giving people a direct and unmistakable voice through their vote, the system requires a high degree of government answerability.


Public participation will decrease. Direct democracy better serves the citizens if only the majority participate.

Representative Democracy

            Representative democracy is where citizens elect certain members to represent them and are empowered to create laws and policies on their behalf. The majority of citizens influence guidelines enforced by these representatives.


There is empowerment. People from every political sector of the country choose representatives who will make their voices heard by the national government. If these representatives do not live up to voters’ expectations, voters can replace them in the next elections. Additionally, it encourages public participation. When people feel they have a say in government decisions, they are more likely to be aware of issues affecting their country and vote to voice their opinions on the topics discussed.


It may become ineffective. Governments based on representative democracies can become a colossal bureaucracy known to be slow to act, especially on important issues. Also, it may cause corruption. Candidates may distort their position on political issues to gain political power.

I believe the US should remain a representative democracy. Representative democracy encourages public participation. The aforementioned is essential as most decisions directly affect the citizens; therefore, it sounds reasonable to choose what they want.

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