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Diplomacy and Major Issues

His Excellency Ambassador Khalil began the session using an approach where he revisited some of the most contentious issues that come up in multilateral diplomacy. The Ambassador choose a number of substantive topics that assisted his audience to have a better understanding of his lecture that included Human rights, disarmament, sustainable development, nuclear disarmament in the Middle East, and reform within the United Nation with emphasis on the Security Council.

Ambassador Khalil used his personal experience as a diplomat who participated in negotiations to illustrate to his audience on the process of negotiations for those who wanted to be negotiators in future. Some politicians, statesmen and other laymen alike have withdrawn from multilateral organization such as World Health Organization, the African Union illustrating that they believe multilateral diplomacy is not worth it.

Multilateral diplomacy is focused on bilateral diplomacy between two countries and involves a large number of parties with different issues, cultures and it may address far bigger issues dealing with global or international organization. The Ambassador gave first-hand experience on issues concerning women and gender rights that he had participated in their negotiations, issues such as abortion, violence against women and questions regarding the rights of LGBT group and sex workers.

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