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Digital Data | IT Assignment Homework Help

Response 1

Digital data, in the subject of information theory and information system, refer to the discontinuous, discrete presentation of information or works. The representation of digital data mainly occurs in the form of letters and numbers. There is the possibility of contrasting digital data and analog signals which operate in a continuous way and with continuous functions, including images, sounds, and other measurements (O’Brien, 2018). In determining the significant challenges that affect the collection of digital data, the availability of digital data, as effected by people putting out digital data, is a significant factor that would affect the data collection process. Availing the data is mainly vital in ensuring that individuals engaged in the collection process could have data to collect. However, even with the availability of the data, if there are no effective measures of data collection, the process would not be successful. The result would be an increase in the prevalence of collecting the wrong information or even failing to capture it. In determine the challenge in the collection process, it is necessary to determine the problems that emerge, especially in the collection channels (Onnela, 2020). Therefore, the significant factors that could affect the collection of big data could be presented as using the wrong methods in the data collection process.

In presenting the importance of collecting big data, it is essential to determine the overall significance of big data and how it differs from normal data. The explanation of the role that the big data plays in the process of handling the criminal system is essential as it elaborates on the importance of big data. Big data is necessary in the improvement of organizational performance and facilitating the exploration of new cases. With this understanding, it is consequently correct to argue that the collection and the analysis of the big data would be essential in facilitating the improvement of the criminal justice system through improving the avenues of generating the required information to enable the system to work better.

Response 2

The argument presenting efficiency of collation of data as the ability to abide by the necessary procedures presents a coherent argument. The effectiveness of the data collection process significantly relies on the ability to determine the effective method to be used in the collection process and consequently be able to abide by the steps and procedures of the specific process. Abiding by the steps ensures increased accuracy in the overall outcomes of the data collection process. The argument of the effectiveness of the data storage to facilitate the existence of the data for a longer time is essential in improving the data collection process. The ability to maintain collected data is neccesary as it ensures that the data could be easily retrieved further to fulfill arising research needs.

In the argument presented as the importance of analyzing big data, the information on the meaning of big data is essential as it forms the basis of understanding the importance of big data. In organizational settings, big data facilitate corporate growth by providing vital information that would otherwise not be provided by the normal data on how to handle the organizational operations and promote organizational growth (Lemahieu, Wvanden Broucke & Baesens, 2018). The argument justifies that through the collection of big data, the forensic processes could be improved. It provides increased avenues for the validation of the information collected by expanding the scope of the information.

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