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Digital Collateral: Customer Profile | Cheap Essay Help

Customer Description

My customer is a 26-year-old woman who resides in one of the gated communities in New York City. She is a seasoned financial consultant working for an audit firm in the city and earns an annual salary of $120,000.

How does she shop?

My customer is an impulse buyer, although exercises restraint when she encounters products beyond her taste and preference. She mostly shops online for beauty products and other accessories because of its convenience feature and visits a local store for other household commodities. Telemarketing option can be used to influence her decision-making process and align her interests with the specified brand.

Mentor Brand

L’Oréal is a global cosmetics company that manufacturers a wide range of beauty products that appeal to the female population. In many instances, the corporation uses models to showcase the impact of their products on the skin and create a long-lasting appeal in the consumer market. Initiating conversation by participating in modelling events and other beauty contests positions the corporation strategically because of its ability to engage the consumers and influence their thought process about its products (Withisuphakorn, Batra, Parameswar, & Dhir, 2019). Given its size, L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics corporation in the world, a move that can be attributed to its product differentiation and ability to influence the thought process of consumers in their immediate environment. L’Oréal appeals to consumers from different social backgrounds because of its product differentiation that cuts across the needs of individuals from developed and developing nations (Kim, Sung, & Um, 2019). L’Oréal’s intensive marketing campaign enables it to remain afloat in the competitive beauty industry. I am looking forward to emulate L’Oréal’s marketing plan and distribution channels to enhance my product’s reach in the competitive beauty industry.

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