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Differences and Similarities McKesson Audit, Amazon and Apple


A similar factor in the audit and evaluation of the companies is Culture. McKesson is a significant stakeholder in the supply chain that involves pharmaceutical products, and it is integrally connected to the value chain of the complex healthcare environment in which it operates. The existence of a drafted code of conduct as addressed to suppliers is one way to implement the firm’s strategies in locations served by the company. Corporate social responsibility has been associated with justifiable supply chains (Rudnicka,2017). Apple is dedicated to the utmost values of public and conservational accountability and moral behaviour across our global supply chain. They insist on all suppliers providing secure operating environments, treat workers with formality and regard, and use ecologically accountable industrial procedures.


The critical aspect that results in the difference in audit amongst the firms is sustainability. The corporation’s strategies are clear and acknowledged to personnel, executives, and the community. Apple asserts that they have the supremacy to change entire activities, encourage universal actions on the change of climate. The firm intends to compel Amazon to drift from fossil energy and to give precedence to the impact of climate when in thedecision making process (Kardos Gabor and Cristache, 2019). Amazon, on the other hand, now acquires approximately 40% of its energy from renewable sources, from 15 significant wind and solar farms. The firm aims to purchase rechargeable distribution vehicles as all of Amazon’s vehicles burn fossil fuels. McKesson ought to aim to preserve in cycle with new scopes of CSR that include green advertising. Green advertising has been acknowledged as one way in the direction of sustainability and the contemporary notion of ecopreneurship.



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