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Diagnosis Criteria Paper | Custom Assignment Help

Every personality disorder comprises its way of analytical criteria. However, corresponding to the DSM-5, usually, the diagnosis of a character disorder incorporates long-term marked digression from the ethnic prospect that leads to substantial distress or defacement in at least three of the following parts. First; The aptness of emotional reaction, second; Whether one can manage instincts; third; how an individual interprets and perceives himself, events, and other people. Lastly, how one performs when interacting with other people and in affinities, mostly it is not easy to diagnose personality disorder because most personality disorders have similar signs, and more than one type might be available. Other disorders like anxiety, drug abuse or depression can stimulate muddle diagnosis.

Can change the social worker into cultural guidelines like being tolerant and structure on client strengths (Canda, Furman & Canda, 2019). However, diagnosing mental disorders is necessarily an activity in judging clients and concentrating on clients’ weaknesses or pathologies. When a social worker diagnoses a patient with paranoid schizophrenia, the social worker highlights awkward issues like paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions. This means using DSM-5 is contrary to social workers ethics.

Personality disorder burdens everyone in life. People struggle to defend themselves from internal disorders; however, they only make their environment frightening and hostile (Sharp & Fonagy2015).  As a Christian, I will use refreshing ways to help personality disorders people know why they respond to life. As a Christian, I will also use the hope of the word of God to proclaim strength, hope and peace into the globe of personality disorder. I would encourage borderline personality disorder to believe in Christ’s power for healing and restoration.

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