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Deviance and Social Control | Paper Writers Website

One of my friends recently confided in me about his girlfriend’s cheating behavior, which has taken a toll on him in the recent past. While he is yet to confront the girlfriend about her errant behaviors, he is concerned about the direction their relationship will take despite their collective efforts to establish the union. In the modern world, many individuals believe that relationships and dating act as a stepping stone to the formalization of the unofficial marriage. While at it, individuals are expected to demonstrate certain levels of honesty and transparency that lead to the realization of the relationship goals. However, my friend is concerned that his girlfriend’s behavior lately compelled him to take drastic measures that sought to establish the truth about her movements.

Over the weekend, the girlfriend told my friend that she was visiting her folks in the upcountry because of the long periods of absence triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic. Given his understanding nature, my friend took her to the airport only to realize later, through his private investigator, that she had cancelled the flight and returned, only not to his place. The damning pictures revealed my friend’s girlfriend having an intimate moment with his boss, a move that hindered him from making any move. He is currently disturbed about his next move and how he will contain himself at work. Evaluating his relationship with the cheating girlfriend, he has already terminated the relationship and is now seeking counselling from a local therapist.

According to Karl Marx’s conflict theory, the society is always competing for the scarce resources. During this confrontation, individuals who hold a certain level of power and dominance succeed in their efforts to override those without any access to the drivers of social growth and development. In this regard, my friend’s boss managed to displace him from his relationship because of his wealthy possession and influence that appealed to my friend’s girlfriend. However, the aspects of dominance and power were manifested in the hostile takeover that denied my friend the opportunity to walk the woman of his dreams down the aisle. From this realization, different proponents in the society will focus on utilizing their strengths to maximize their potential to achieve their desired benefits.

Even though my friend’s girlfriend did not commit a crime, her devious nature and deceitful actions would have exposed my friend to a series of challenges that hinder him from making informed decisions. The emotional torture and turmoil the nasty breakup ruined my friend’s interactions with his immediate boss. Likewise, the ensuing conflict will have a serious impact on my friend’s productivity levels and will strongly influence his contribution towards the realization of the company goals.

Nevertheless, the strain theory by Robert Merton indicates that the society exposes individuals to a challenging environment that compels them to overlook aspects of dignity in their plight to achieve the American dream and other desired objectives. According to this theoretical model, people lack the means to achieve the dreams because of the different structural hindrances that affect their efforts to overcome challenges in their immediate environment. Despite the piling pressure from the society, individuals always strive for better because of their consistent desires to accomplish expected results and achieve various milestones that influence the nature of outcomes in their surrounding environment. Given the limited opportunities in the community, those who devote their lives into crime fail to achieve their desires due to the limited resources affecting their way of life.

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