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Determining the Quality of Sources Essay | Homework Help

Important and Unimportant Information

The capacity to sort important and unimportant information is critical to the learning process. Students should identify the main topic of any reading material to connect how other information relates to the primary issue (Verra et al., 2022). This helps answer the questions; – who, what, when, where, how, and why. Following these questions will help sort vital information that relates to the topic from unimportant information. Important information supports and clarifies the intention of the primary topic making it irrelevant (Verra et al., 2022). The distinction between important and unimportant information is crucial to staying on course of the learning process.

Credible and Non-Credible Sources

When it comes to citations, credible sources are crucial to ascertain the authenticity of information used to develop the content. Credible sources contain an author, date, reference to other sources, domain, and authentic writing style (Hettige et al., 2022). Non-credible sources are biased, outdated, inaccurate, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and broken links. While credible sources contain information that can be verified in the future, non-credible sources fail to meet authenticity standards (Kington et al., 2021). Therefore, credible sources are believable and factual, while non-credible sources are inaccurate and unreliable.

Fact or Fiction

Factual information is authentic and can be verified from time to time. Fiction is imaginative and lacks a realistic basis. Students should understand where to apply fact and fiction in different contexts. Fact is crucial for thorough academic work, which must guarantee that theories developed over time stand the test of verification (Koschorke, 2018). Fiction is imagination applied to critical thinking, art, and creative contexts (Gashi, 2021). Students should comprehend what is real and fiction to distinguish the kind of information they apply in different fields.


The credibility of academic sources relies on reliability, authenticity, and accuracy of information. Students should consider using scientifically informed and researched sources to ascertain the credibility of sources. In academia, finding sources such as articles, journals, scholarly, and peer-reviewed material is highly informative with important information. Adherence to writing formats is integral to academic research to understand the subject and the authenticity of information and theories. Further information on authentic sources and information can be attained through Purdue Owl, which offers vast information and insights on credible and accurate information and sources (Purdue Owl, 2022).

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