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There are several perfect clients suitable for the “school turn around” consulting. These will be the most ideal clients since their particular needs will be met by the various offers matched by the expertise in place. One critical client who would be the most suitable to be the head of a school with a new strategic plan. First, this is a significant client in that he would need an education communications specialist who would be critical in communicating with educational organizations, which will help the client in developing new strategies and systems which will ultimately help in the improvement of the quality of education among students. This client will also seek to integrate new teaching methods and communication strategies that are in line with changing trends in the system, meaning that better policies will be incorporated into the learning system, a factor that will improve the quality of education (Henderson, 2015). By having the head of an institution with a new strategic plan, will also require a tactical consultant. A consultant will help in the formulation of new strategies and assist in n ensuring that the strategies in place are in line with the education and students’ needs. This factor will be critical in the improvement of the education quality to an institution.

Another type of client who would make it relatively more comfortable to work with would be a person who prefers homeschooling. In most events, persons who prefer homeschooling for children have planned models for them. This means that it would be effortless to incorporate ideas and come up with a system that would suit the needs of the clients yet, at the same time, improve how education to students is undertaken (Barsky, 2019). Such clients will give one an opportunity to standardized assessment criteria and teaching methods that will help various types of students enjoy their learning and also acquire quality and better education.

Technical schools offering technical education are also suitable clients. Such schools can easily adjust to a different curriculum or learning style based on the type of skills and expertise they provide to the students. This means that they will quickly adapt to having an education specialist and advocate who will guide them towards adopting a new system or methods of learning that augurs with the needs of the modern world, such as incorporating advanced technology into their learning system. This will significantly help them in enhancing the proficiency of the students to make them have more quality education that will be of great help for their future.

Education Strategic Consultants are also prospective clients who would greatly benefit from any of the education programs in place. This is since they are mandated with providing consultancy to schools and institutions of learning (Taylor, 2016). As a result, they would be required to have the necessary tools of providing support and best recommendations on ways of improving the education sectors, a factor that would need them to be knowledgeable about issues related to education and ideas of improving its standards.

Another type of client that would be best to work are individuals or parties within the curriculum research institution. These are persons mandated with comprehensively analyzing the curriculum and developing any necessary amendments to the study models of the learners. Working with such parties as the clients would mean undertaking vigorous studies on the education models and the curriculum in place. This would help in identifying areas of improvement, such as ways of incorporating positive changes in the curriculum and also fields that would need to get scrapped off from the curriculum (Klenowski & Carter, 2016). Undertaking these measures in conjunction with the personnel working in such an institution would result in an enhancement of the standards of education in the country n ad ensuring that students get more enlightened and motivated by their learning models.

Finally, a potential type of client includes an administrator of a special school with children with either challenged mental or physical abilities. These types of schools require customized and better learning models, which would require an expert to develop the best models for students to quickly learn and ensure that they catch up with other students. This will require a professional or expert with the know-how of how to develop the best learning structures and assist in enhancing the quality of education for the students.

To have the best education strategic consultants, there will be a need for all types of client s to be collaborative with the experts as a way of ensuring that the anticipated goals and objective s of learning are attained (Taylor, 2016). The clients also need to provide the experts with an enabling environment where they will work together with a common goal of having a better structure in place, which will facilitate quality education that will ultimately boost and sharpen the skills and talents of all learners despite any diversities.




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