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Descriptive Statistics | Assignment Writing Help

The article elaborates on the United States 2020 presidential elections. It provides statistical evidence to explain the win of the president-elect, Joe Biden, by providing a detailed statistical comparison of the votes of the two presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump (New York Times, 2020). It mainly uses statistical data to illustrate the votes counted over time for the two candidates in the states considered as highly contested and vital in determining the outcome of the elections.

The article uses descriptive writing and statistics in the form of frequency measures to elaborate on the outcomes of the presidential results. In presenting the votes counted, the article uses percentages over time to facilitate a vivid elaboration of the number of votes for the two candidates counted during the tallying process. It elaborates the percentage of the total percentages of the votes that the candidates had following the counting of certain percentages of the votes, and also the vote margins presented by the candidates with the counting of specific percentages of the total votes.

The article applies to my future career goal of statistical analysis by elaborating on possible ways that could be used in the comparison of two or more sets of data. Through the article, graphical representations express how comparing different sets of data can be achieved and elaborated through visual illustrations. It relates to data analysis by elaborating that a single category of descriptive statistics could be used to analyze various elements in the same set of data.

The article uses statistical data since the variables presented required numerical data in determining the differences. The use of statistical analysis in the article facilitates a detailed understanding and accurate description of the phenomenon represented in the study (Ali & Bhaskar, 2016). Additionally, it facilitates the collection of the necessary quantitative data for the study.

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