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Description of A sauce pot

A sauce pot is a deep coking utensil with two handles on each side. It also has a close-fitting lid used to cover stewing, boiling or simmering.  A sauce pot tends to be deeper as compared to a pan, where its high sides go straight up from a circular base (Webstaurant Store, 2020). The pot and the pan’s difference is that a pan is shallow with sides that extend only an inch or two from the base, which is the exact opposite of a pot.

Figure 1 an image of sauce pot

The sides of a pan may tend to go straight up just like a pot, but in most cases, tend to curve up at a gentle angle.  The saucepot has two small handles, which are located on opposite sides, which is the opposite of a pan with just one long handle (Material Kitchen, 2020).  A pot is large enough to contain a high amount of liquids, which is most suitable for the preparation of stews or any sauce. Handling it entails holding its two sides, which facilitates moving it from one place to another, especially when hot.

Figure 2 A sauce pot with its lid open

It can also be used for making soups or boiling water for pasta. The high side of the pot allows the heat to evenly spread around the liquid, making the liquid evenly heated rather than from the bottom. The stainless steel saucepot is easy to use, where the cover nicely fits in, making the process of cooking faster.  It is can also be easily used in a crowded, commercial kitchen, restaurant, hotel kitchen, or even in any type of catering business.

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