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Definition of Thyroid Cancer

  • Forms when cells start to mutate and multiply at the thyroid grand.
  • Constitute of the small butterfly-like shaped organ located at the base of the neck.
  • Responsible for the control of the metabolism including the release of hormones with direct functions in the body (Felson, 2018).
  • Produces hormones that help in the regulation of metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate, and the body temperatures (American Cancer Society, ACS, 2019).
  • It is formed when abnormal cells multiply around the thyroid forming a tumor.
  • It is one of the most treatable form of cancer (UK National Health Services, NHS, 2019).

Types of Thyroid Cancer

  • Follicular thyroid cancer (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2017.).
  • Papillary thyroid cancer (Felson, 2018).
  • Medullary thyroid cancer (Felson, 2018).
  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer (National Cancer Institute, NCI, 2020).
  • Thyroid lymphoma (ACS, 2019).

Causes of the Disease

  • There are four main causes: –
    • Gender and age (Felson, 2018).
    • Exposure to radiations at early ages, e.g., radiation therapy in children (NCI, 2020).
    • Heredity and genetics passed along family lines e.g., familial medullary thyroid cancer (FMTC).
    • Lack of enough iodine.

Demographics of the Disease

  • Statistical analysis – 52,890 new cases recorded.
  • 40,170 – women.
  • 12,720 – men.
  • Prevalence of the disease is higher in women than men (ACS, 2020).
  • However, higher fatality rate is among men than women.
  • Women between 40s and 50s are at higher risk of developing thyroid cancer.
  • Men at 60 years and above are at higher risk.

Signs and Symptoms & Laboratory Findings

  • Signs and symptoms
    • At early stages, thyroid cancer does not have any symptoms or signs.
    • Symptoms that can be experienced include: –
      • pain on the neck and around the throat,
      • increasing hoarseness,
      • swollen lymph nodes,
      • difficulties in swallowing and breathing,
      • constant cough, and
      • lump in the front of your neck (NHS, 2019).
    • Laboratory findings
      • Uses blood tests to detect the presence of cancer in the body.
      • Testing comprises of drawing blood used to test for the thyroid gland function.
      • Blood test focuses to confirm or rule out the prevalence of hyperthyroidism (too high) or hypothyroidism (to low) levels (NHS, 2019).

Diagnosis and Images of the Disease & Treatment

  • Diagnosis
    • Blood test – thyroid function test.
    • Tests various levels of thyroid hormones in the blood (NHS, 2019).
    • Ultrasound – used to create image of inside the body.
    • Allows to check for lump that develops into cancer.
    • Biopsy is done to confirm the presence of cancer.
    • CT scan and MRI scan are used to determine the magnitude of thyroid cancer on your neck.
  • Treatment
    • Surgery
    • Radioactive iodine treatment
    • Radiotherapy

Diet for the Patient & Prognosis of the Disease

  • Diet for the Patient
    • Maintain low iodine levels in the diet (Cao et al., 2017).
    • Consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, white eggs, unsalted nuts and butter nuts (Barrea et al., 2020).
    • Regulated consumption of seafood (Fiore et al., 2020; Li, He, Bansal & Hennessey, 2016)
  • Prognosis
    • Most thyroid cancer cases are curable.
    • Follicular and papillary thyroid cancer are the most common.
    • 50 years’ individuals have 98 percent cure rate (Clayman, 2019).
    • Early diagnosis increases cure capacity and success rate.

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