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Definition of Quality

Quality can be considered as the extent to which a service or product meets the demands of the consumer or the degree of excellence as compared to its competitors. Everyone tends to define quality based on their perspectives of quality. Typical definitions of quality can be framed based on consistency, perfection, compliance with procedures and policies, speed of delivery, meeting customer needs, and total customer satisfaction.

Extrude-Rite has a strong culture of meeting the clients’ expectations. The company focuses on meeting the demands and wants of the client to facilitate their products’ success. Therefore, the company is relying on a user-based approach to quality.  According to the user-based, quality is in the judgements of the beholder, who, in this case, is the user. Therefore, the Extrude-Rite identifies the quality of a product through the satisfaction of consumer wants, preferences, and needs. Quality is determined by the ability of a product to conform to the client’s requirements (Ghylin et al., 2008). Considerably, clients are the source of all revenue, thus meeting their demands facilitates the success of the brand.

Extrude Rite has to ensure that they fulfill customer expectations and wants to boost demand. However, it’s challenging to satisfy all the customer demands since customers have a broad spectrum of wants, expectations, and needs. They have to choose whether to satisfy a few customers or partially satisfy many clients. Therefore, Extrude-Rite defines quality as the extent to which their products can satisfy the wants, needs, and preferences of the user.

The wants and needs of the customer set specific requirements and attributes for products and services (Ghylin et al., 2008). The degree to which the specific set of requirements and attributes are achieved define quality at Extrude-Rite. The company believes that quality in the products can only be attained through meeting the needs of the clients. Therefore, meeting the inherent customer requirements, an excellent or high quality is achieved while failing to meet the customer wants, low quality is achieved.

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