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Death Penalty Essay Example

The appropriate ways to raise death penalty issues could be through the use of commercials and the media to expose the various cases of individuals convicted wrongfully for the death penalty (Atoscana, 2006). It could also be raised through the use of various platforms to explore the multiple reasons that make the death penalty inhumane and why it should be abolished. The video of the commercial aired on MTV, targets audience including the legal system, with specific reference to the entire team responsible for dealing with criminals. the target audience include the police who make arrests, jury and judges. The impacts of the commercial entail the sensitization that there is a high number of individuals who get convicted and charged wrongfully. It further exposes the fact that some of these individuals are wrongfully accused and executed for crimes which they did not commit.

Georgia v. Furman

The ruling on the case of Georgia v. Furman does not hold currency today. Following the verdict, the pending death penalties at the time were reduced to life sentences. The act of the death penalty was deemed to be cruel and inhumane. The consensus at the time was that it defied the eighth amendment of the constitution of the United States. The provision of the eighth amendment prohibits the government of the United States from imposing excessive fines and bails, in addition to sentencing the citizens to cruel and unusual sentences (Craig, 2018). The proof that the ruling does not hold today is that since then, some states in the United States have reintroduced the death penalty.

The strengths of the ruling include that it based on the constitution of the United States. The constitution could support the verdict in reference to upholding the requirements of the constitution. The weaknesses of the ruling entailed that although the jury passed a judgment against the death sentence, it did not reach a consensus on the verdict.

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