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Dangers of Illegal Wildlife Trade | Write My Paper

Campaigns to educate and inform about the dangers of illegal wildlife trade

The campaign aims to stop the illegal trade of elephant ivory and rhino horns.  According to the organizers of the campaign, approximately 96 elephants a day, while four rhinos are getting killed per day.  This is serious since if nothing is done, the animals will be gone from the wild for five to ten years (Stiles, 2004). Vermont is one of the states in the United States which allowed for the legal trade of the ivories and horns. The campaigns were hence held to outlaw this commercial trade and help find a sustainable solution to poaching.  According to the campaigns, as long as a person can buy or sell ivory in Vermont, the state is also part of the problem and needs a solution.        The campaign was significant because it aimed to ensure that the entire world is involved in protecting the world’s most iconic species and the massive implications on humanity and the stability of the entire containment. Stopping the trade is the most suitable solution to ensure that there will no longer be a market that deals with the sale of animal parts.  Stopping the trade will help minimize the crisis in Africa, where there have been numerous cases of aching, with people targeting elephants and rhinos.

Another advantage of the campaign is that by stopping the ivory trade then crimes such as terrorism will be minimized since it is manifest that the ivory trade funds terrorism.  The world, according to the organizers of the campaign, needs to know about wildlife being a casualty of terrorism. As a result, this would help identify the solutions that can help stop the slaughter due to greed-driven human conflicts that disrupt global stability and threaten all humans.

The campaign also sought to ensure that all nations across the globe made policies that will support a vibrant wildlife economy rather than opt for a violent extinction economy. Ending the trade in ivory and rhino is one of the key states of ensuring this is possible. The campaigns note that major terrorist organizations in the Middle East and cartels in Asia target Africa since they target huge profits generated by ivory and rhino trade. Therefore, as long as there is no value for ivory and rhino horns, then the proceeds will continue heading up to terrorists, syndicates and other affiliates, and as a result, leading to more instability in the world.

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