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John is an information security professional who has been in the field over the past twenty years. The last fifteen years have been utilized professionally, making use of his knowledge and strategies to put him ahead and enable him to secure his customers’ information privacy accurately. He portrays the qualities of a team player as most of his projects are acquired through teamwork with his fellow workmates. These qualities topped up with his high level of communication skills have seen to his high level of success in the information security field rounding up to his senior position at his employer’s company.

John has a broad understanding of information security, and his life mainly revolves around translating his customer’s security needs into reality. His expertise revolves around all aspects around information security at large bearing in mind that he has five different degree certificates. His determination of being the best there is in his criteria is evident bearing in mind that he attained all his certificates within ten years. He squeezed his time to make sure that his career goals were as close to him as possible. He lives a focused life, and no matter how much he has attained; he always aims at achieving more and is always ready to be faced by worse. He enjoys being challenged by new tasks that require him to employ the knowledge learnt from his years at school or through his working experience.

Over his vast period of experience, John has given out his input at various areas, including the government and financial institutions. John has occupied over fifteen offices, all to secure their information. His clients always praise him for his prowess in doing his work. He always leaves behind satisfied customers that either get back to him with more projects requiring help from him, or they directly recommend their friends to him. He strongly stands by providing the best customer service that is directly proportional to the amount of money that he is worth.

Over my interview with John, I realized that it takes a lot of aspects for one to be successful in the information security arena. He told me that the major strategy that he employed to see him rise through his career path was creating a signature security trait that would trace back to him whenever the trait was mentioned. John came up with a security software that had a broad span of usage. The software is easily adjustable and with minor adjustments can meet the requirements of any company. The same software has been renamed throughout all the companies that employ it. The software is, however, a wonder in how it handles security threats. It has never suffered a security threat since it has a way of recognizing and reporting security threats hence their solving before their impact.

John’s ability to act fast and act right over difficult position is the main reason why he prefers holding on to his line of work. He has a solution to all security threats that ever occurs into anyone’s mind. He had already started protecting his information via his security measures while still in the third year of his first undergraduate course. His work-life balance technique is exemplary. He has a strict eight-hour workday timetable that he follows to enable him to see to his parental responsibilities. The major challenge in his career field is that he always has to be ahead of everyone in security measures to make sure that the information that he protects is not vulnerable to cybercrimes. He must seal any loophole available to make sure that he is still relevant in his position.

John is an example of an information security personnel that should be implemented all information security personnel. One can learn a lot from him since he is very good at what he does. He is also supportive of anyone interested in following his career path.

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