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Cybersecurity Issues for Business Travelers

Technological advancement has caused massive transformations in businesses due to improved systems and applicable technologies. These innovations increase the efficiency and effectiveness of services through smooth operations by employees. However, the innovations are also disadvantageous since they subject companies to irreversible risks. For instance, technological advancements have created many damages in the transport and infrastructure company. Over the previous decades, the transport industry has recorded tremendous losses of data and assets as the number of travelers increases. According to Day (2016), technological advancement has eased risky behaviors like theft of electronics and money. Infrastructure-related companies should therefore take responsibility and strategize on how to limit the cases emerging from technology adoption. For instance, they should ensure that the companies’ computers have strong Antivirus/ AntiSpyware to mitigate data loss incidents. The companies should also ensure that clients do not leave powered laptops unattended, and also they should install strong passwords to limit unauthorized access.


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Response 2

Cybercrimes have been rampant with the increase in technological advancement. Cases of identity theft and data losses are some of the most prevalent and repetitive threats among travelers. In a survey by Kaspersky lab, business executives and other people on travel are highly susceptible to identity theft and data losses (Redzone, 2014). The survey results also indicated that connecting mobile devices like cell phones and tablets using hotspots and accessing public Wi-Fi increases the risks of cybercrimes. For a traveler to avoid these issues, travelers should develop measures to detect and prevent the occurrence. Travel companies should enlighten travelers on their actions that expose their gadgets to malicious attacks. For instance, they should always disable their gadgets for connecting automatically to Wi-Fi networks. They should also avoid clicking on strange links from suspicious emails. Besides, they should protect their data like their date of birth and social security identities. Travelers should ensure that they update their mobile software before their travel and ensure that they have updated antivirus with updated signatures.


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