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Customer Centricity Essay | Write My Homework

Description of the Service Experience

My new Apple Watch cracked its screen three weeks after its purchase. It had a warranty and the incident was purely accidental. I reached out to the Apple dealership in my surroundings, who directed to the AppleCare+ outlet that would address my issue. I followed up with the store’s customer care service line and was scheduled on the day and time I would visit the outlet. They evaluated the damages and promised to get back to me within three days. On the third day, the customer agent called and asked when I could collect my Apple Watch. They informed me of the issues that had occurred apart from the visible cracked screen and the approaches they had used to fix the watch. I was impressed by the service, which was functional and highly effective for a return customer. The approach used by Apple to respond to my case and others presented by consumers influences their performance in the corporate world.

Overall Experience

The ability of an organization to respond to emerging details in the business environment is influenced by its ability to address issues that focus on influencing the thought process of individuals in their surroundings (Bhattacharjee, Muller, & Roggenhofer, 2016). Apple invites customers to share their feedback and during this event, the outlet invited me to post my experience and thoughts concerning the process. I was impressed by the fast delivery and its ability to respond to an unprecedented event quickly. The company’s precision in handling the problem and making customer satisfaction one of its duties was exciting. Creating awareness on its focus towards customer satisfaction is one of Apple’s greatest strengths that enable the corporation to accomplish its objectives in the business environment. For this reason, I believe customer centricity plays an important role in defining individual perspectives towards an organization.

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