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Current war on Drug Opioids Essay Paper | Homework Help

The United States is contending with one of the worst-ever drug catastrophes. Every week, approximately more than 1,400 individuals perish from opioid-related overindulges, a number that has increased across the nation amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. The predicament has stretched to a certain level that it has become a hindrance to the economy and a hazard to state safety. Opioid drugs comprise oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine. They are commonly recommended to treat soreness, while methadone is mainly used in addiction rehabilitation centers to reduce patients’ dependency on opioids.  Over the years, the U.S. administration has increased efforts to curb both overseas and internal distribution of opioids, restraining the recommendations within the United States.

Efforts to reduce domestic supply

Since 2007, the United States has offered Mexico approximately more than $3 billion in security and counter-narcotics assistance. This includes reforms in the judiciary and police department in a program identified as the Merida initiative. At the commands of former President Donald Trump, the administration initiated some eighty miles of new barricades along the Mexican border (Minhee and Calandrillo, 2019). Existing CDC guiding principles direct doctors not to recommend opioids as a first-line rehabilitation. The DEA has directed pharmaceutical corporations to decrease the manufacture of various opioids, which includes oxycodone, fentanyl, and morphine, by a minimum of 25 percent.

Preceding federal antidrug campaigns relied on imprisonment to prevent drug use and trafficking. This method has been extensively disapproved for failing to prevent individuals from cycling in and out of prison and excessively aiming at Black Americans. Over the years, federal and state representatives have moved towards deterrence and rehabilitation.  Biden projected a ten-year, $125 billion budget to enlarge opioid-use deterrence and treatment. Upon assuming power, his government has reduced restraints on the usage of buprenorphine.

Mechanisms Integrated by Other Nations

In other nations such as the Netherlands, it permits the sale and use of reduced amounts of cannabis to push users away from drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Moreover, the nation has implemented harm-reduction policies (Singer, 2018). In Australia, the government ratified a ban on over-the-counter sedatives that consist of codeine. However, it documented approximately 1,100 opioid-related deaths nationwide, on par with previous periods. In Portugal, the country embraced a harm-reduction drug policy that legalized the ownership of narcotics for individual use and concentrated on treatment rather than imprisonment.


To win the way against drug opioids, the country should invest in information and research to better describe the opioid endemic. The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ought to invest in information gathering and study connected to population-level opioid usage models and concerns. Secondly, it should consider possible impacts on illegitimate markets of guidelines and plans for medicine opioids. Lastly, the government advance information reporting on pain and opioid use ailment.


While it is impractical to expect that the deviation and misappropriation of pain medicines may be destroyed, the impacts of these drugs on public health should be recognized, pursued, and alleviated. Evidence shows that restraining recommendation opioid availability pushes nonmedical consumers to heroin, with growing figures of nonmedical consumers instigating their opioid misuse. Although these attempts have prospered in decreasing the number of opioids produced and recommended, that is of minimal benefit as overindulge death rates surge.

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