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Current Trends in Leadership Developments | Homework Help Online

Kruse (2020) identifies five key trends that are fundamental for managers, directors, and executives in remaining relevant in the coming decade. The trends are based on leadership developments vital to embracing transformations in critical areas such as executive education and training. Thus, it sets the leadership efficiency and competitiveness towards future prospects.

Applying and Sustaining Behaviors. The focus in helping employees to sustain new knowledge and behaviors is critical for effective leadership skills. Organizations are committing more time and resources to enhance the training programs thus enabling leaders to help the employees in building themselves on acquired behaviors and knowledge. New managers are enhanced to handle weekly task lists and delegate roles to the team, engage middle managers and encourage senior executives to champion strategic thinking in the organization.

Mobile Learning for Millennial Managers. The Korn Ferry Institute in the research indicated that Millennials learn better through the online development programs than spending time in classrooms (Kruse, 2020). The adoption of mobile learning for millennial managers present the future of leadership training. Also, it creates an opportunity to access more knowledge and experience on the use of technology that is vital to effective leadership.

Group Coaching and Democratization of Leadership Development. The new trends indicate the value of leadership development training programs that cut across the organization. This is vital to building the capacity of every employee that actively engages with different people at different levels in the organization. The provision of standards of managerial experience is vital to enhancing the competitiveness of the organization.

Alignment to the Engagement Survey. The leadership competency is based on the capacity to unlock the emotional commitment of the subjects. This increases the level of trust, strategic recognition, and sense of belonging amongst the employees. Thus, it triggers high competitiveness and productivity.

AI Becomes Invisible. The application of the AI in leadership creates a sense of hyper-personalization which assesses the leader’s personality, objectives, and competencies. The traits impact in supporting leaders to attain optimum capacity.

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