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The organizational culture is a particularly significant component when deliberating the capacity of the corporation to expedite development over a protracted duration. A shared set of principles that are coherent with premeditated orientation and structural reliability is vital in ensuring that every member of staff in the corporation stays dedicated towards accomplishing their goals. By undertaking this study, it will comprise of an evaluative method and highpoint the dissimilar aspects that form the culture at Stanley Black & Decker Inc by incorporating Schein’s structure. Stanley Black & Decker Inc. is considered as one of the renowned corporations in a sector that deals with hardware and security merchandises in the US.  According to Forbes (2020), the Fortune 500 multinational from America announced a strong 11% overall advancement in income by 2019, with tools and storage leading the elements at $10.1B.  The company was instituted in 1843 and has over the years grown considerably, branching out globally from its head office in New Britain, Connecticut.


According to Schein (2010), the theory of organizational culture is split into three fundamental elements consisting of artifacts, values, and underlying assumptions.  Primarily speaking, the artifacts correlate to the fundamentals of the corporation that are apparent. It may comprise of anything from the cabinets incorporated in the office design, as well as the branding and the company’s emblem. Artifacts primarily refer to the observable emblems that denote the internal culture in a corporation. Basing the argument on the data gathered from an interview with the managers at the corporation, the noticeable black and yellow emblem of the corporation is situated at the front position. The combination of the color is present all over the company’s amenities together with the products and services offered. Invention and sustainability are considered the fundamental ideologies that create the basis of the business functions. This is apparent from the importance within the corporation to generate an atmosphere that promotes originality.

Stanley Black & Decker has likewise steadily endeavoured to be acknowledged for its invention competencies, and it has resulted to a systematic existence in the invention market for the corporation in the US. The company was included in the 100 Best Workplaces for Trend-setters in 2020 (Fast Company, 2020). In addition, Forbes highlighted the corporation in America’s best proprietors for females.  These types of awards stand to be noticeable signs of how the corporation aims at maintaining an accountable corporate and maintaining a steady emphasis of generating value in a shared way. The company’s monetary performance is likewise a fundamental artifact in regard to ascertaining how the culture is set towards efficiency and viability in a justifiable means.  Regarding revenue, Stanley Black & Decker is steadfast in provision of tools and storage equipment while number two in offering security services. The corporation’s attention on outspreading ahead of a carbon-neutral commerce ecosystem and going on to underline on a carbon positive commerce ecosystem has similarly resulted to numerous salutations from global media companies and corporate entities. Numerous artifacts, for instance, the committed solar program known as ECOSMART and ACTIONS TO 2030 GOALS designed for the business’ environmental sustainability have further improved the company’s market positioning for Stanley Black & Decker in terms of a socially accountable corporation.


Values denote the embraced values entrenched in the working technicians of a business. Zhu et al (2016) state that organizational principles consisting of a set of acknowledged norms and philosophies manage the interaction of various personnel within the company.  The company’s mission statement is “Be a Force for Good”. The corporation has essentially entrenched the standards of diversity, sustainability, and social engagement coherent with the resolve – “For Those Who Make The World” (Stanley Black & Decker, 2020).  The data acquired from the interviews similarly highlights how the company’s administrators believe that every organizational norm and practices conforms to inventing to win, valuing, and embracing diversities.  Diversity within Stanley Black & Decker is underlined in terms of both how persons are employed and reserved along with the implications of the processes on the extended society and surroundings. The corporation in recent times gathered a perfect mark of 100 in the Business Parity Index for LGBTQ Workplace Equivalence together with being featured in American Innovation Index’s Top 20 Innovation Leaders (Fast Company, 2020). These accolades bear testament to the determinations by the corporation’s administration in suppressing the standards of fairness, diversity, and sustainability, which reflects in their personnel too.

The brand has similarly managed to uphold a persistent emphasis on the element of consumer satisfaction and shared value generation as the root of its company’s undertakings. Some press broadcasts circulated by the corporation indicate how it endeavours to be a “human-centered global industrial company” contrasted with only concentrating on development and productivity. The corporation incorporates a five front approach towards the establishment of its organizational standards, with the aspects to be considered comprising of the location, communities, morals, clienteles, and personnel (Stanley Black & Decker, 2020). Empowerment and collaboration are clearly established standards within the American hardware tools organization, particularly when looking at global affiliations. Stanley Black & Decker closely associates with people along with large corporations and influences the lives of over 500 million individuals all through its operative cycle. A perpetual pursuit of social accountability is apparent, and it has undoubtedly been one of the important driving aspects when bearing in mind the development of the corporation from a small hardware shop to a international corporation.

Underlying Assumptions

Schein (2010) similarly comments on how the underlying assumptions form a frequently ignored but significant component of the culture within a corporation. The assumptions are frequently denoted to as the foundation of the operational culture in the company and are commonly entrenched in such a way that strangers can find problems in perceiving them. Porkka (2016) mentions that culture analyses frequently misidentify artifacts that are idiosyncratic essentially as underlying assumptions. Regarding the underlying assumptions at Stanley Black & Decker, the data collected in the interview firmly insinuate at directives that oversee business operations after considering the repercussions on the surroundings and the over-all community. Effectual interpersonal communication and business transparency are similarly apparent in terms of the significant assumptions based on Stanley Black & Decker operations, particularly when seeing the company as an affiliate of the Fortune 500. The process of decision-making is also very efficient, and even though the organisation is hierarchically composed, the employees’ participation is apparent.

Another fundamental assumption within the business policies executed by Stanley Black & Decker is the conception of an accountable commercial citizen. Alternating from measures of promoting social presence to turn carbon positive, the business has continuously upheld a check regarding ways the operations may have a bearing on the global business environment in the long-term.  Client focus has been recognized as the most imperative precedence within the assumptions followed by a comprehensive form of administration and business integrity (Stanley Black & Decker, 2020). Conveying an affirmative social impact while maintaining profitable margins is the basic theory founded on the company’s operations. Stanley Black & Decker trusts in producing products and services that rapidly and it is apparent from the thorough emphasis placed on the social effects of the firm’s processes. The principal information similarly hints at comprehensive personnel retention strategies, for instance, sufficient stipends and leaves together with offering job roles that are logically stimulating in the perspective of the basic expectations in the firm’s personnel.


Stanley Black & Decker Inc. is considered as one of the renowned corporations in the field of hardware and security merchandises in the US. It was recognized that the fundamental elements that structure the culture of a business entity includes the artifacts or the noticeable emblems, the principles, or the set of principles and the underlying expectations. Stanley Black & Decker was assessed founded on the online interviews carried out on two administrators and secondary information accessible on the corporation website. The conclusion of the research resulted in the identification of the key artifacts of the corporation that comprises of its incorporated branding, intercontinental accolades, and internal programs intended for suitability, for instance, ECOSMART. Moreover, the standards that were acknowledged consist of consumer gratification, nurturing invention, and working towards delivering affirmative social values. Ultimately, the underlying assumptions were seen to be in line with operations as an accountable commercial citizen together with preserving an all-inclusive approach towards environmental sustainability and transparency within the business processes.

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