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Cultural Knowledge Expansion Assignment | Custom Essay Help

American and Asian Culture

Cultures play a significant role in the growth and development of a country. However, cultures vary from one another in terms of relationships on how people live their daily life and nature due to different customs, belief systems, ideas, and rules. The cultural comparison will focus on two separate cultures of unfamiliarity, the Asian and American cultures. Cultural differences between Americans and Asians have a lot of variations in terms of values and appearances. The two cultures have explained how individuals conduct themselves in their regular life and how they practice their values and traditions.

The American and Asian cultures have differed by marriage style, family relations, religious rituals, and social status. The American’s and Asian’s cultures have varying ways of talking to varying people within society. Understanding varying cultures is more than appreciating differences but paving the way for a new world that is more open and tolerant where all individuals stand together.

Cultural Dynamics

Understanding cultural dynamics guides an individual’s appearance, dressing, language, how they get along and relate with one another. Considerably, the research on cultural dynamics will focus on five cultural dimensions. These include individualism vs. Collectivism, power distance, long-term orientation, femininity vs. masculinity, and uncertainty avoidance (Dihl et al., 2017). Power distance illustrates the extent to which individuals are powerful or less powerful in society, thus indicating power distribution. Uncertainty avoidance suggests the degree to which the society is at ease with uncertainty and ambiguity. Individualism and Collectivism illustrate individuals’ preferences to look after themselves or stay in a closely knitted network. Masculinity and femininity focus on society’s preferences for heroism, material reward, assertiveness, and achievement. Understanding the different cultural dimensions means understanding how different cultures express themselves in terms of actions and behaviors.


Potential Disadvantage of Cultural Incompetence

As a human service professional, the main challenge has been the cultural competence barrier. Cultural incompetence entails the inability to interact effectively with people across different cultures (Puckett, 2020).  The barriers have been due to lack of awareness and knowledge about various cultural groups and a lack of skills to examine the cultural differences. When interacting in cross-cultural conditions, lack of cultural awareness can result in poor decisions, thus client dissatisfaction. Cultural incompetence has also influenced the outcomes of cross-cultural interactions in the human service profession. For instance, when an individual gets into a new culture, it becomes difficult to coordinate with colleagues and interact with the clients. Social norms vary hugely, leading to risks of misunderstanding, accidental disrespect, and erosion of trust. Cultural value dimensions assist in understanding and being able to make sense of the culture.

Human Services and Cultural Awareness

To work towards being more comfortable with both clients will demand appreciation and awareness of both client’s cultures. Self-awareness is essential in exploring attitudes and beliefs held by the clients. They are assuming that the client’s cultural patterns are correct and the most effective ways of acting. Recognizing their culture and using cultural competence will facilitate interaction in an integrative and comprehensive way.

The professional plan to learn about both cultures will involve three components in the learning process. These include conducting a community assessment to examine the differences and similarities dominant in the cultures, determining special areas that require more attention, and developing relations with key individuals in the community. For instance, this will enable understanding the proper forms of addressing the client’s language and reinforcing verbal interaction during an interchange with both clients.

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