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Cultural Considerations in Learning and Development

  1. Discuss how the Eastern market will potentially view new hire orientation, and then discuss two to three ways to tailor the new hire orientation to this market.

The eastern market perception of new hire orientation revolves around indoctrination to new organizational culture. The difference in cultures is also evident in new hires since the new practices are different from the norms regarding corporate policies. Therefore, it is prudent to make the new hires feel comfortable in the new system by tailoring some of their needs while instilling some foreign policies in the training process.

One way to tailor the new hire orientation in the Eastern market is to emphasize teamwork to enhance the collaborative work environment. The workplace culture in Eastern markets is embedded in interpersonal relationships rather than individual efforts (Armstrong & Li, 2017). The collective team effort is deemed more crucial than the individual effort; thus, employees are discouraged from pursuing innovative interests individually. The tailoring of the new hire orientation to encourage team efforts that foster collective initiatives is instrumental in ensuring innovation to pursue excellence. The individual set of goals collectively lead to improved team productivity. Another way to tailor the new hire orientation is the use of feedback. The eastern markets management style is transparent and efficient since the employees are given clear instructions without emphasizing feedback. The management does not regard feedback such as consulting to supervisors; thus, there is a need to ensure that instructions and goals are clear from the onset since feedback is limited.


  1. Discuss how the Eastern market perceives the relationship between the learner and trainer.

The Eastern market perception of the relationship between the learner and trainer is strictly professional, with little emphasis on the dynamic exchange between the two. Most learners are reluctant to give opinions during formal and informal meetings, while the conversation’s pace is highly contingent. The trainer is regarded as the epitome of the interaction process since they are perceived as harboring critical information. The Eastern markets also favor a teacher-learner approach where the teacher is considered the expert thus accorded the utmost respect. In addition, the relationship between the learner and trainer is highly formalized such that the learner waits for the completion of the training exercise to ask a question regarding the discussion. The slowed-down pace of asking questions shows respect for the trainer and allows time for reflection on the topic. There is also a clear distinction between the trainer and learner in terms of job description since the trainer assumes the position of a leader. In contrast, the learner is expected to execute the laid down directions projected by the trainer.


  1. Discuss who will be responsible for giving the new hire orientation to the Eastern employees and how the orientation will be delivered. For example, will a local who is familiar with the language deliver a live orientation training session, or will it be a remote training session with a translator? Will it be some other delivery method? Once the method is chosen, discuss why this method is appropriate for the given market.

The most appropriate method of delivering the new hire orientation to the Eastern employees is through local candidates to provide a live orientation training session. The Eastern markets training takes an authoritative context where the most qualified personnel to train the employees while integrating the culture is chosen to train the staff. The preference of a local candidate to train the employees is brought about by factors such as high power distance concerning education and training, fluency in the language, and management of local resources, and knowledge of culture and business practices. Training in Eastern markets is dependent on high power distance context, which emphasizes a top-down approach (Szkudlarek, 2017). In a top-down training approach, the trainer is regarded as most qualified; thus, the learners will actively participate in the training process. The use of a local candidate is also determined by the cultural similarities between the trainer and learner. The clash of cultures increases the possibility of a translator damaging the credibility of the training where the meaning of the translated words are offensive or unsettle the employees. In addition, the local candidates’ understanding of the culture helps them navigate potential issues with ease, such as the lack of active cooperation, including asking and answering questions during training.




Armstrong, S. J., & Li, Y. (2017). A study of Anglo expatriate managers’ learning, knowledge acquisition, and adjustment in multinational companies in China. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 16(1), 1-22.

Szkudlarek, B. (2017, March 5). Four cultural clashes that are holding East Asian employees back. The Conversation.

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