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Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Syria exposes individuals to the different uncertainties of life that define the concept of human existence. Given its central location in the Middle East location, Syria has been on the receiving end of the war being waged by the American troops against the ISIS militants. Over the years, the U.S. has succeeded in bringing peace to the region with the help of other international military organizations. Reclaiming the city from being held hostage by the pirates has presented an opportunity for other people to experience the outcomes of war and its impact on the relationships made by individuals from different cultural and population groups.

Syria’s ability to form alliances with progressive countries such as the U.S., Russia, and the UK has provided a series of opportunities that can be explored to improve outcomes affecting people’s attitudes towards religion. Notably, the leading cause of conflict in the region is incredibly triggered by the Israeli’s hostile relations with Syrians and the militant groups, which seem to have taken control of the region’s activities. Even though many people have fled the area, the remaining population groups demonstrate the impact of hope on resolving disputes and long-term conflicts between nations using the exploration of viable options predominantly in the region.

Even though the militants may inhabit the urban areas in Syria, they can expose individuals to different cultural opportunities that enhance the quality of outcomes, which people can use to improve their quality of life. Importantly, individuals are expected to align their interests with different aspects that complement their perspectives towards life. The mixed reactions create an opportunity where people can discover their desired outcomes and use them to establish healthy relations with other individuals in their surroundings.

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