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Critical Thinking Scenario Essay | Do My Homework

Key Problems

In this scenario, Janie’s separation with her husband has had a significant impact on her perspectives towards life. In the same vein, it appears that Janie’s poor relations with her husband has also affected Chloe, who is having problems at school with her teachers and fellow students. With the minimal financial support and attention dedicated to her family from her divorced husband, Janie is overwhelmed by the parenting responsibilities that have hindered her from maintaining a close watch over Chloe and other children.

Rationale for the Problems

Firstly, Janie’s divorce and her husband of six years is a landmark event, which affects the nature of relations between individuals in a family context. When this happens, children have varied experiences that influences their perspectives towards their parents (Bolsoni-Silva & Loureiro, 2020). In this regard, Chloe appears to have developed issues with her mother, which have escalated to school and affected her class performance and interactions with students and teachers. Chloe’s oppositional behavior has taken a toll on Janie’s parenting approach and hindered her from overcoming issues that influence her focus in life. In this regard, creating an enabling environment where families can achieve their desired outcomes is an important aspect that influences the nature of relations between Jane and Chloe (Xuan, Chen, Yuan, Zhang, Luo, Xue, & Wang, 2018).

Secondly, Jane’s inability to sustain her family’s basic needs is an important aspect that should be considered because of its impact on their relationship between the ex-husband and Jane’s family. In this case, Chloe’s father should incorporate some basic parenting tactics that enable him to improve his relationship with his children. Importantly, the lack of visibility in a family context yields negative outcomes that affect the ability of individuals to accomplish their desired outcomes (Hashemi & Kimiaei, 2017). Hence, Jane’s ex-husband should allocate more time to spend with his children, increase the financial assistance, and become visible to his children. While it would be impossible to achieve these outcomes, assisting Jane through the various agencies involved with marital disputes can yield positive results that will improve her condition and Chloe’s behavior.

Appropriate Service Agencies

The Administration for Children and Families is a powerful institution that holds parents accountable for the problems experienced by their young ones. In this regard, introducing Jane to this institution can help mitigate a lot of the problems encountered by the young family and develop viable solutions that improve Chloe and Jane’s condition. Given the oppositional behavior manifested by Chloe, her father can be held to task to account for his limited presence during her critical formation years (Parkes, Green, & Mitchell, 2019). Based on the approaches that the two parents can adopt beyond their irreconcilable differences; the focus should be on lessening the bulk of the parenting responsibility from Jane and creating a sustainable balance that will improve the outcomes of events in their immediate environment.

Alternatively, the Children’s Bureau (CB) is a critical institution that Jane can be introduced to because of its ability to explore the welfare of children in a family experiencing marital problems (Lee, Pace, Lee, & Altschul, 2020). Besides, Jane should be exposed to a health institution where she can be introduced to therapy to help her recover from the sudden bouts of depression. In this case, the therapy session can be administered to both Jane and Chloe to understand the cause of their problems and help them overcome the impact of the issues that interfere with their perspectives towards life.

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