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  1. What is Assange’s primary purpose in releasing classified documents?

The primary purpose of releasing classified documents is to ensure that the public is conversant with what is happening with their leaders and government. The exposé helps in revealing major issues of or governance and corruption, can help in ensuring that it helps in delaying issues of bad leadership and corruption in the countries.  It also aims to bring justice to victims who have been illegally targeted, more so in war-torn nations such as Afghanistan and Iraq.
2. What types of information might organizations try to conceal?

Organizations may try to conceal cases of corruption, illegal deals, and any other information, which they would not want the public to know about.
3. What are legitimate secrets?

Some legitimate secrets include personal information such as the doctors’ records and any sensitive information that could endanger national security.

  1. What are Assange’s self-identified core values?

Assuage core value is to reveal any information about shining light about companies and governments’ dark secrets.  He ensures that people feel morally compelled to expose any secretive information that may showcase corruption and human mistreatment.

  1. What are your core values?

As a person, I possess multiple core values. One of my major core values is a belief in honesty, where I ensure to be transparent with all my doings. I believe in God and have faith that there is a superior being. I also believe in being a good stewardess of resources, where I ensure to exercise frugality. Another core value is a belief in family, which I owe to be of fundamental importance. Finally, I believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Does every culture have the same ethical ideals? Support your thoughts and feelings from the chapter reading.

Ethical ideas and concepts vary among different cultures.  Ethical ideologies vary in various cultures and differ in terms of beliefs and the norms of each specific culture. Nevertheless, some of the ethical values are shared amongst cultures, guiding people on how to live and treat each other.

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