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Critical Thinking Exercise Nine | Do My Assignment

High IQ is not a guarantee of success or happiness. According to Goleman (2012), it is, therefore, better to have high emotional intelligence. In the book, Goleman expounds on the major reasons for this reasoning, where he offers insights on the difference between having a

high IQ and having emotional intelligence. Goleman explains why people who have moderate IQ and also possess emotional intelligence manage to do better in life. Some of the factors that make such individuals succeed include self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy, which are not found at birth (Goleman 2012). He nevertheless explains that some of the factors, which are a part of emotional intelligence are shaped in childhood. They have numerous benefits to one’s health, relationships, and even careers. By writing the book, Goleman seeks to encourage people that they have the ability to have new potential and stand out from the rest with the help of Emotional intelligence.

Before reading the book, I was not well conversant with what emotional intelligence entails and how I can easily have it. I nevertheless have learned more about it and can distinguish it from IQ. I also can understand the need for self-developing and ensuring that I have the best attributes to succeed without having a high IQ.

My hugest reaction after reading the book was enlightenment and happiness. This is since I managed to comprehend many issues revolving around my life and what I can do to improve myself emotionally. I learned of some of the best factors that improve one’s life, including self-awareness and discipline, among others, which I will have to improve in the future to lead a better life in the future.

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