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Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Concepts

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a set of plan ideologies incorporated to dissuade crime and enhance building safety. CPTED concepts are mainly founded on projecting the thought processes of a prospective delinquent and developing an atmosphere that deters a follow-through. When CPTED concepts are incorporated, the resulting atmosphere, including the building, is likely to dissuade or hamper any criminal activities and, therefore, encourage trustworthy citizens to maintain a watchful eye. From a personal perspective, I would integrate crime prevention through environmental design to safeguard and develop a conducive atmosphere by implementing various strategies.

In 2020, I opted to mount an alarm system within my compound due to the theft of my rocking chairs off my area of the house. The most disturbing aspect was the fact that I was away from when the incident transpired. As a result, it prompted me to integrate other mechanisms that include adding a CCTV surveillance framework within my home. This involved adding secretive cameras on the wall clocks, bulbs, and various artwork mounted on the walls. The main was to prevent any awkward situations when having guests at my house. Moreover, I also mounted a camera at the entry that captures the entire front side of the house and one at the back area.

I can retrieve any video that I may want to view as there is a monitor mainly to monitor all movements. The software application installed in my phone also allows me to have real-time monitoring and facilitate the arming and disarming of the alarm system. I likewise requested a security firm to survey my house. The representative from the company provided extra safety tips that include safety tips that include elongating the fence, cutting down a few trees, and installing a streetlight. Ultimately, he advised that I join the local neighborhood watch.

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