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Crime and Covid-19 Research Paper | Homework Help Online

What is quantitative research? What is anecdotal evidence? How do they compare?

Quantitative research entails the process of collecting and analyzing numerical data, where it can be sued in finding patterns nada rages m, makes predications, and generalizing results from a wider population. Anecdotal evidence entails a factual claim relying only on personal observations collected in a casual and non-systematic manner. The two are different in that Anecdotal evidence is primarily a form of qualitative data, which answers the questions of what, whereas quantitative data helps answer how much.

Quantitative data source and one piece of anecdotal evidence discussed in the article

A data source in the article that Quantitative is the number of homicide figures from 2020 and 2019. According to the authors, the source has data from two cities of Chicago and Philadelphia, where according to the authors, “Between January 1 and May 28, 2020, Chicago had 191 homicides.

During the same period of 2019, Chicago had 192 homicides

An example of anecdotal evidence in the research points to crime in the US being down. There is a scientific study that was recently released focusing on go crime might have changed during COVID19.

The article lists several research challenges related to measuring the influence of COVID-19 on crime. Pick one and explain the challenge posed. How might a researcher overcome this challenge? (Can it be solved?)
One of the challenges faced is the lack of a constant pattern on whether the crime has decreased, increased, or stayed the same during the pandemic. From the study, there is no change in the crime states both pre-and post-COVID-19. When there were changes, they were random and highly dependent on which particular city or county was analyzed.  This challenge can be overcome by undertaking more in-depth research on the issue.

Several criminological theories speak to the potential relationship between COVID-19 (and associated lockdowns, mental health issues, school closures, etc.) and crime. Using a theory, how do you think COVID-19 might influence crime? Why do you think certain types of crime are down in some places?

The best theory of the reason why COVID 19 might influence crime is the strain theory.  This theory states that certain strains or stressors can increase the likelihood of crime; COVID 19 issues are one of the s significant factors that could lead to increasing the rate of crime rates in a given country.

Summarize the main argument in this article’s conclusion related to crime and the social and economic costs of the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you agree or disagree with this conclusion and why? How might you improve or build upon this argument?

The main argument, in conclusion, is that cringe rates have increased due to the issue of COVID.  This is since the mass lockdowns, and other measures have to lead to an increase in crime.  I agree with the conclusion since the research has been comprehensively undertaken, improving the relationship between the two.  To build up on their arguments, I would work on undertaking more research and engaging stakeholders.


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