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In the past, I was unable to submit class assignments on time because of different distractions that hindered me from focusing on my learning process. I would wait until the last time minute to work on the assignments, a move that affected my grades significantly due to late submissions and poor arguments in my work.

If I had earlier access to Michael Michalkoโ€™s blog, I would have used tips 26, 46, and 53. Tip 26 would come in handy because of my focus on the work ethic of bees despite various distractions in their immediate environment. Bees are some of the most hardworking insects that focus on accomplishing different tasks within a certain time frame. In this regard, I would use the commitment of the bees to focus on my studies and achieve my learning objectives. In the same vein, tip 46 would remind me about the perspective of my professor towards my relaxed attitude towards learning. College professors expect students to demonstrate a certain degree of willingness to learn various insights. Meeting deadlines is an important aspect of learning that should be realized within the expected timeline. Lastly, tip 53 would help identify a group of professionals who could assist me with focusing on my studies. Money settles many problems by creating an enabling environment where people can focus on their dreams.

I chose the three tips because of their relevance in my previous situation. Each of the tips provides various insights that can be used to overcome the underlying problem. Importantly, problem-solving techniques play an important role in leadership because of their ability to assure followers about the experience and vision of individuals in positions of power. I believe modern leaders should utilize the problem-solving skills to overcome various challenges taking place in their surroundings.

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