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Before enrolling for my graduate program, I was unaware of the different programs and the approaches used by students to complete tasks assigned to them by their instructors. I always viewed myself as a visionary who will transform the world using the insights and information gained from the classroom. On many occasions, I never imagined that one day I would encounter challenges that would affect my perspectives towards my learning program. Even though I was aware of the problems that occur in the learning environment, I was more committed than anyone else to solve them before they could cloud my judgment and affect my thought process. My parents had briefed me about their college experience, and I had visualized myself chasing after the different encounters that defined their young age. Although they lived in a different timeline, I was confident about my stint in college because of my parent’s ability to guide me through the various activities that take place in the learning environment. However, I was aware of the importance of engaging instructors and implementing their vision in pursuit of different learning objectives by aligning my interests with the concepts taught in class.

When students enroll in the learning environment, they undergo a process of transformation that defines their views towards life. In many instances, young people form alliances that are set by the focus of students towards learning. For example, Asian students are likely to bond with their Chinese or Japanese counterparts than individuals from the dominant population group. In this regard, identifying the approaches that can be used by instructors to develop an interactive platform that caters to the needs of different students exposes learners to an environment where they can pursue their objectives and other aspects that are aligned with their interests. In their part, students should focus on embracing various strategies that complement their vision in the learning environment (Manning 109). For instance, a student can identify aspects of their program that can be used to solve problems affecting economic growth and development in their home country. By attaching a reason and purpose to the learning program, it becomes difficult for one to lose focus because of the constant reminder about the need to accomplish desired objectives in the learning environment.

Learning programs should be customized to enable young people to relate to a wide range of activities taking place outside the learning environment. For instance, instructors can adopt a pragmatic teaching approach that provokes the thought process of students and challenges them to use the insights shared in class to provide solutions to practical problems. Many of the learning institutions in the U.S. and beyond are often tied to developments taking place in the corporate world. By utilizing their proximity to policymakers, learning institutions become an essential tool of change that can be used to overcome challenges affecting global economic growth and development. Regardless of the program, students are expected to relate the information taught in class with real-time problems affecting individuals in their surroundings. From this realization, the approaches used by instructors to solve problems in class dictate a specific strategy that can be used to address issues affecting individuals in their immediate environment. Therefore, maintaining the much-needed levels of pragmatism enables students to understand the importance of resolving problems and developing viable solutions to issues affecting organizations in the modern corporate world.

In my experience as a student, I have learned various concepts that can be used in the world today to resolve issues affecting individuals in their surroundings. Despite the approaches used by corporations in the business environment, students can identify consequences that can be mitigated using solutions taught in class. However, professional recommendations drawn from findings should be presented in a certain way that guarantees their credibility in the corporate world. When preparing a research paper, students and scholars must adhere to the stipulated guidelines that dictate the measures, which should be followed to focus on the changing needs of individuals. Likewise, the approaches used in presenting the scholarly principles may differ from one learning institution to another. Still, there are conventional guidelines that define the stylistic aspects of the research work. In this case, I was keen to draw these insights from a conversation I intended to have with Professor Xing, a lecture professor and graduate course director at Auburn’s School of Engineering. From my interaction with Professor Xing, I understood the measures I should consider when developing ideas for a research paper to accomplish the desired objectives.

At first, I was uncertain of the approaches I should use to convince Professor Xing about participating in an interview, where I would be the one asking the questions. Besides his familiarity with research content, I was intimidated by his seniority, which appeared to scare many students in the department. Outside the classroom context, I had never interacted with the professor, a move that compelled me to enquire about his conduct from those who had associated with him beyond the learning environment. I learned that he was a charming professor who was eager to help students accomplish their objectives by rising above their inadequacies. I remember my first experience with his secretary and how she helped me overcome fear, which she could tell over the phone. Scheduling the interview was a problem because Professor Xing was always attending to a task that required his input. However, when he gave me a specific date, I was amazed by his attitude that conflicted with his conduct in the learning environment. I knew I would require a secure internet connection to avoid any incident such as buffering, which would discourage him from committing to my case.

After conducting a dry run where I tested my internet connectivity with my friends, I called a professor who was waiting on the other end. He acknowledged my determination to understand the issues at hand and how they influenced different outcomes in the world today. Notably, my focus was to understand the approaches I would use to write academic papers on water conservancy. Having done my research, my first question was to introduce the theme of the interview and demonstrate my understanding of different concepts involved in the water conservancy aspect. Upon mentioning my beliefs on the essential elements of research, Professor Xing said certain parts that I had left out in my argument. For instance, I believed that the opening report, research title, and table of contents were critical to my ability to succeed in developing a final research paper. His feedback on my first question opened up my mind. It exposed me to an enabling environment where I understood different the significance of abstract, acknowledgments, and references, including concluding remarks, which presented the reader to an enabling environment regarding the issue.

My interaction with the professor was that of a teacher-student relationship, which saw me learn a lot of things I was not aware initially. Even though I had a slight idea of the approaches that should be used when conducting any research work, my conversation with Professor Xing opened up my eyes to discover the strategies that can be exploited in the research world. Firstly, I learned about the significance of an abstract and its role in a research paper. Before, I considered this section as an introductory paragraph to the entire scholarly work. However, the professor cautioned me against approaching the chapter as an introduction because of its role in exposing the reader to the academic findings and recommendations. At any given time, individuals are expected to discover their potential and overcome issues that hinder them from achieving their expected outcomes. In this regard, I was aware of the approaches I should take to write a research paper but was not keen enough to settle on the details. From this realization, my focus towards research writing and the academic approach that should be considered in the development of an argumentative piece was inspired by the need to overcome issues that affect individuals to overcome challenges in their surroundings.

Conducting this interview with Professor Xing was one of my successful activities that have defined my learning experience. I could never have imagined about this moment before, but gathering the confidence to ask questions outside the class section was an achievement I will live to remember. Adhering to the guidelines provided by the professor’s secretary enabled me to harness his experience in research work and especially in water conservancy. Regardless of the academic field of specialization, students are supposed to demonstrate a certain level of professionalism that hinders them from realizing issues that contribute to their perspectives towards life (Bishop and David 90). I aspire to be like Professor Xing at some point, where I can inspire other young individuals and guide them in their path to accomplish their desired objectives. Notably, my perspectives towards life are inspired by the need to discover a certain level of potential that encourages individuals to discover their abilities and align them with the changing needs of other people in their surroundings. For this reason, overcoming different situations taking place in the corporate world requires individuals to accomplish specific objectives that inspire hope in the learning environment and beyond.

Transcribing this interview that was conducted through the Zoom application reminded me about the importance of professionalism and adhering to the ethical guidelines when interacting with other professionals in the world today. Importantly, the desire to accomplish various objectives is inspired by the need to overcome challenges taking place in contemporary society. For students, understanding every aspect that ties them to adopting the insights taught in class enables them to succeed in life and become reliable individuals. They can develop viable solutions that focus on a wide range of issues taking place in the world today. Likewise, instructors are satisfied with their work when students excel and surpass their expectations by comprehending the issues affecting them in their surroundings. Regardless of the approaches used by instructors to expose learners to relatable information, students should benefit from the insights shared in the class and enhance their knowledge on different issues taking place in the world today. One aspect I realized after conducting this interview with Professor Xing is that preparation is key to success. Before the session, I was scared that I would not meet the scholarly expectations when expressing my thoughts on the relevant issues. However, after researching the subject and identifying questions that would guide my interaction with him, I discovered the measures that demonstrated the need to conduct the interview.

Sustaining a healthy conversation with a professor might not be an easy task for many students because of the different perspectives held by the two entities. However, understanding the professor’s scope on his field of study and the problems in the specific scholarly area enabled me to maintain a seamless conversation that focused on developing viable solutions for issues taking place in the world today. In many instances, students encounter difficulties understanding certain aspects of study because of their limited scope that hinders them from internalizing the issues. In their part, instructors expect students to align their interests with the subject of research and ask questions, which makes the subject interesting and engaging. However, the inability of many instructors to establish an enabling environment for learning discourages students from reaching out and expressing their interest in particular aspects of the study (Singer and Nicole 20). From this realization, addressing these issues creates a favorable point of research that inspires individuals to understand the challenges in the learning environment and develop tactics that influence the focus of learners towards the subject of study.

Creative writing is an aspect that demonstrates the changing needs of individuals concerning the measures that should be developed to realize the issues that affect the thought process of students when interacting with their peers and instructors in the learning environment. In my experience, creativity is enhanced by the availability of a supportive academic system that guides students to understand various issues that take place in the world today. Regardless of the measures that affect the nature of interactions in the workplace, students are supposed to engage in conversations that influence their attitude towards learning. When the process of learning becomes interesting, instructors can measure the different abilities of students by evaluating their performance, which defines the success of the teaching approaches. In this case, research work plays a significant role in exposing learners to practical solutions that can be used to enhance the relationship between individuals and their peers in the classroom context. Therefore, interviewing Professor Xing enabled me to understand the approaches that should be used when writing research work and how learners can avoid the numerous aspects that interfere with the quality of work.

Before enrolling for this program, I was aware of the importance of engaging instructors and implementing their vision in pursuit of different learning objectives by aligning my interests with the concepts taught in class. However, my perspectives towards research work were limited to the development of goals that guide researchers in conducting their scholarly work. However, I discovered that the process of research involves developing an informative abstract that balances the reader’s expectations by exposing them to different issues that will be addressed by a study. Considering the various approaches that should be used in any type of research work, individuals should focus on the perspectives of the participants regarding the issue. Likewise, the desire to overcome modern-day challenges is determined by the desire to create innovative solutions that correspond to the changing times.

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