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Name: Mark Fernandez

Descriptor: Mark Fernandez is a middle-class man that typically enjoys ready-made meals during weekends as a way of bonding with his family. He is an honest, hardworking, and tech-savvy individual who enjoys traveling. Moreover, he necessitates quick/prompt service as time is a factor in his line of work.

Quote– “I like to frequent cafés with a similar atmosphere as a neighborhood cookout. Good times, positive, welcoming, cheerful individuals, and most significantly good food. ”

“Make it an objective to learn something new each day.”

Who is it– Mark Fernandez is a Mexican, aged 35 years stationed in West Virginia, working with renowned technology firm, I-Tech. Mark is married with two kids and spends a significant amount of time with his children during the weekends. He has attained a masters’ degree in Information Technology and is an ardent football fan.

Mark Fernandez

4354 Riva Rd,

Riva, MD 21140


Phone: 907-920-2678

Country code 1


Birthday September 18th, 1986

Age 35 years old


Email Address:

Goals. He adores his career path in the technology sector. Mark is a holder of a few service acknowledgment awards. Nancy necessitates a lunch area that facilitates reservations seating or fast curb-side distribution when food is ordered because of time restraints. Mark needs to guarantee that payment can be completed rapidly and virtually. Lastly, to be an outstanding father and find a café for his family to relish and create lifetime memories.

What Attitude. Adores a good family-owned establishment over a franchise café. Also likes affirmative experiences, no profaning, upbeat atmosphere with outstanding customer service. When ordering, he enjoys visiting the website as it has simple to use and easy-to-read content, whereby the food images are precise and in high resolution.

Behavior. Key predispositions include speaking, thinking, and act fast, with no period for postponement. Mark hates waiting; slow services are a pet peeve, and he would not stay if the delay is more than twenty minutes. The person loves having healthy options to enhance good eating practices for himself and his kids. He also likes to have similar functionality whether he uses his iMac, iPhone, or iPad with an all-in-one experience that institutes learning one, learns all. Fast and easy to integrate is fundamental to this type of profession.

Part B: Task Flow

Task Analysis – Human User Ordering a Meal in a Restaurant

Task Name: Ordering a Meal in a Restaurant
Activity Performed/By Whom Materials, Tools, or Resources Used in Task
Step 1 Leaves the house for lunch after deciding on a place Vehicle
Step 2 Locating a parking spot Vehicle
Step 3 Welcome by restaurant personnel Restaurant attendant
Step 4 Restaurant attendant provides menus Waitress
Step 5 Review of the menu by client Menu
Step 6 Client places order Restaurant personnel
Step 7 Deciding on food Waiters
Step 8 Order food and drinks Personnel
Step 9 Serve the ordered meal to Clients Waiter
Step 10 Eat lunch Utensils
Step 11 Mark requests for check Waiter, bill
Step 12 Providing bills to Mark Waiter
Step 13 The client pays using a credit card Credit card
Step 14 Restaurant personnel provides a final receipt Credit card, bills
Step 15 Mark leaves with his children Vehicle


Possible Task Flow – Human User Ordering a Meal Using an Online System

Task Name: Ordering a Meal Online
Activity Performed/By whom (Human Role or Online System?) Materials, Tools, or Resources Used in Task
Step 1 Opens browser / Human Role Computer
Step 2 Circumnavigate to Mike’s restaurant website / Human Role Computer
Step 3 Order page / Online System Computer
Step 4 Scrolling through food options / Online System Computer
Step 5 Makes choice of sea food / Human Role Computer
Step 6 Checking out / Online System Computer
Step 7 Account sign in or Guest Option / Online System Computer
Step 8 Opts to check out as Guest / Human Role Computer
Step 9 Review order / Human Role & Online System Computer
Step 10 Input payment data / Human Role Computer and Credit card
Step 11 Confirmation Order Complete / Online System Computer
Step 12 The message conveyed indicating pick-up or delivery time/Online System Computer
Step 13 Log out of the system Laptop
Step 14 Food delivered Restaurant personnel


If the task flow were incorporated with different personas, both personas would have profited from the virtual ordering system. They went through significantly fewer steps to place their order online. The task flow could be rationalized by collaborative menus and programmed pick-up periods as well. This flow could be utilized for any demographic ranging from single to large households.

Part C: Design Strategies

To meet these persona’s requirements and expectations during the interface design, it is important to guarantee that the text is accessible clearly and concisely that facilities automatic reading functions. Moreover, it is important to present the text, for instance, the customization options, to be easy to scan. The procedure may occur in an eventful restaurant or a busy house with several children running around. The design necessities to consider the client’s responsiveness and memory aspect (Goltz, 2014).  The user ought to also be capable of integrating multiple device types when placing an order, and the site should be smooth between mobile and fixed atmospheres. One element that should be incorporated involves the use of a login/password. By using an account and providing a record of recent orders, the system could commend the client for the meal they desire or inquire if they may need a similar order.




Goltz, S. (2014). A closer look at personas: What they are and how they work. Smashing magazine.



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