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Creating and Communicating a Security Strategy

To: Staff and Interns

From: IT Professional

Date: 05/08/2020

Subject: Instituting Security Strategies

Being the Information technology expert for a microfinance institution within a shopping mall, the business is known to experience various cases of fraud and theft. This necessitates high-security stratagems. The existing business setting is comprised of 20 members of staff, each stationed in a specific department. The institution’s profit margin has been declining, signifying a security breach within the institution. The institution sanctions the use of applications in various undertakings due to technological advancements. The firm also incorporates emails as the central mode of communication to personnel, clients, and shareholders. Nonetheless, accessing the institution’s activities through handsets makes the institution susceptible to cyber insecurity. In this case, there is a need to improve the institution’s mode of communication and software installation to reduce the risk of manipulation.

Security Policy

The firm requires an updated form of identification that is only accessible to the firm’s personnel. This can be achieved through the installation of voice and face recognition systems within the control rooms. The second policy involves integrating verification codes for the personnel’s mail accounts to avert Company Bridge by unsanctioned individuals. I will also generate new security procedures for visitors to the bank, giving no room for access to unofficial regions or company files. The security policy will guarantee that the institution’s activities are safeguarded from every possible threat.


The verification of the employee’s accounts necessitates the client’s access to the system using a password comprising different aspects. The individual account codewords are only acknowledged to specific employees. Thus, the password nature proves hard to be cracked.  In this case, an unauthorized log in will lead to the closure of an account. Each member of staff is also compiled to produce a detailed account of the day to day undertakings. Each partaking should have three statements; for the client, the institution’s profile, and the firm’s manager.


To ensure full enforcement of the security policy, the institution should enlighten the firm’s personnel on the impending security changes. This is to guarantee that the personnel knows of what is expected. The personnel ought to check-in using the face and voice recognition system during arrival and departure. Each institution shareholder should be subjected to various inspections such as checking documents’ validity and informing the institution on the type of activities they engage in.

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